Shelter 15m Sports Dome

Floor space: 176m² / 1900sq ft
Diameter: 15m / 50ft
Height: 7.5m / 25ft
People standing: 250
Seated at table: 100

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Frequently Asked Questions

This standard size dome is 15 meters in diameter, 7.5 meters high, and has a footprint of 176 square meters (1,900 square feet). It can accommodate up to 250 people standing or 100 people seated.

The design of this product provides an expansive footprint within which imaginative events can be held. Its structure is practical, robust and visually appealing from the outside and inside, making it the perfect venue for a variety of small events.

Just like the Alaskan Giant Projection Dome, its architectural design concept and the atmosphere it creates will make events held inside the dome an ideal place to create memorable moments.

Definitely, all our products will emphasize on environmental protection, because of the use of environmentally friendly materials and unique environmentally friendly design practices, among our customers are very much recognized for our environmental protection concepts, so they will all be more than just limited to a one-time cooperation.

Yes, the design and size of the product can be used for a variety of small events, including small sports events, annual meetings of small and medium-sized companies, and small exhibitions.

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