12m Festival Dome

Floor space: 113m² / 1216sq ft
Diameter: 12m /40ft
Height: 6m /20ft
People standing: 150
Seated at table: 80

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because the product on this page is now a standardized product, for customized products, you can contact our salesperson to talk to them about customizing the product according to different themes. From music and art festivals to food festivals and other cultural events, we can carry out unique decorations and layout adjustments of the business program.

There must be, our products in the factory will be the first to prevent problems in the transportation process, so carry out a maintenance, but also according to the needs of your venue to consider the accessibility of the site, ground conditions and auxiliary facilities, such as space, including the back of the maintenance of the product we will provide to you.

Yes, first of all, the product is compatible with a variety of sound and lighting setups, which will allow for the best possible event under the premise of ensuring safety, and will provide a top-notch audiovisual experience for both daytime and nighttime events.

Yes, this standardized product is an indoor space, if you want to have an outdoor role, it is also possible to customize the design of a hemisphere, so that the open space is also applicable to the outdoor, the details of the program can be contacted our sales staff.

Yes, our products use sustainable materials and more environmentally friendly practices to minimize the impact on the environment.

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