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geodesic dome tent for party

10M Geodesic Dome High-End Tents: Ultimate Event Space Solution

Welcome to the domain of the 10m Event Dome – the quintessential assembly point for the corporate connoisseur. Encapsulating a generous 78m² (840sq ft), this architectural marvel is not just a space, but a strategic partner in hosting. It is meticulously designed to accommodate up to 130 industry professionals in a standing mixer or 60 thought leaders in a seminar setting. This dome is the embodiment of corporate versatility, providing a prestigious stage for product unveilings, thought leadership forums, and high-profile networking events.

  1. Conclave for Business: The 10m Event Dome is a sanctuary for the business elite, where every handshake and exchange occurs under the auspice of development and partnership.
  2. Plan for Service: The large interior is a blank canvas, primed for the projection of your corporate vision, whether it be a busy trade show flooring or a special executive gathering.
  3. Special ambience production: the one-of-a-kind layout of the dome develops a distinct environment for the event and improves the individuals’ participation and feeling of commitment.
  4. Quality Experience Guarantee: The premium camping tent style concentrates on convenience and top quality, supplying participants with a quality environmental experience and enhancing the beauty and success of the event.
  5. Visual appeal: the camping tent appearance layout is appealing, adding aesthetic attract the event and drawing in more interest and engagement.
  6. Area fulfills approach: the 10-metre Titan Dome event tent is more than simply an unit, it’s a melting pot of business turning points where organization objectives are complemented by a grand experience that develops an enduring sector impression.
Floor space 78m² / 840sq ft
Diameter 10m / 33ft
Height 5m / 16ft
People standing 130
Seated at table 60

Available 24/7

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Different Use Situations

Sector Top

The interior design of the dome highlights the official and professional atmosphere required for sector summits, providing comfortable seating and professional sound devices to produce an atmosphere for concentrated communication. At the same time, in feedback to the demands of the market summit, the dome offers an expert speech stage and display location, providing a dreamland for participants to display their brand name photo and share sector insights. The market top brings in the engagement of experts and point of view leaders in the sector, and the dome gives a vital area for them to connect and connect, promoting expertise sharing and teamwork within the sector.

Service Gatherings

The dome creates a loosened up and pleasurable social atmosphere for service events, making participants really feel warm and close via soft illumination and comfortable seating. At the same time, organization gatherings often need personal tasks and enjoyment, and domes offer flexible set up and customisation choices to fulfill the needs of various party motifs and purposes. Organization gatherings are necessary events for business socialising and organization exchanges, and the dome supplies a platform for participants to engage and communicate easily, helping with business co-operation and interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard floor area of this product is 78 square meters (840 square feet), with a diameter of 10 meters and a height of 5 meters. It can accommodate up to 130 people standing or 60 people seated at tables, based on conventional capacity.

Yes, it is capable of meeting a wide range of terrains and coping with different inclement weather to meet your diverse needs.

Of course, we can provide you with an exclusive customized service based on the needs you provide.

In short, from the outside, the size and design of the dome is unique, which makes it more suitable for events with a literary atmosphere, whereas tents are a bit more formal.

Yes, our design allows for seamless switching between different types of events, as our modular design allows for a smooth installation and dismantling process. The standard size can be dismantled and installed in less than half a day, ensuring a smooth switching process.

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10M Geodesic Dome Tents For Party

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