As the temporary or semi-permanent building, prefabricated tent structures suffer the strong wind or even typhoon randomly. How to reduce the damage during the terrible weather? Or any solution to protect the event tent from strong winds? Just read this article, hope you could find out something useful.

In Summer months, especially August and September, strong wind and typhoon will destroy the building. How to prevent the tent building from damaging by the strong wind. There is two solution from SHELTER.

Firm the Tent Structure. If the event tent or outdoor warehouse building is suffering 62 – 102km/h (38 – 63mph) wind weather, you can firm the tent structure by the method as follows:

  1. Tighten each sidewall fabric to make the structure into a sealed space.
  2. Setting “X” bearing or steel cables in each unit of the sidewall, rooftop to reinforce the structure.
  3. Using heavier weight in each base plate.

Solution for 100 – 130km/h (60 – 80mph) Strong Wind.

  1. Putting off the sidewall and roof fabric to reduce the wind capacity.
  2. Carry the interior facility, decoration out of the tent building to reduce the extra damage.
  3. Dismantle the whole tent structure including the aluminum alloy, if it is necessary.

Not only prepare considerately before the strong wind weather, choosing reliable tent manufacturer and frame material are also the important factors for the building safety. Especially for seaside cities, planning suitable solution to face the bad weather will decrease some many trouble in the further using.


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