Sanitization Tunnel for Item Disinfection in Supermarket and Shopping Mall

COVID-19 is still spreading around the world, and people still need to prevent infection during their daily activities. For the crowded places, people need to disinfect the incoming goods and carts like supermarket and shopping mall by disinfection tunnel. The sanitization tunnel has the advantages of rapid installation, easy disassembly, and repositioning. You can move the tunnel to the place where needs to be disinfected, such as the entrance of the supermarket and warehouse.

This disinfection tunnel can be inflated within 1 min, so the tent can be set up for multiple in a short time. The disinfection machine we equipped can make the tent filled with disinfectant quickly. When the item approaches and triggers the infrared auto-sensing system, the machine will immediately spray out the atomized disinfectant. We suggest that the disinfection machine could be layout on the external space, reducing the damage and increasing the lifespan of the machine

The sanitization tent can be installed on the auto conveyor for the item entering. The people do not need to enter into the tunnel, reducing the inhalation of the disinfectant.

Specifications of Inflatable Disinfection Tunnel


UV Resistance

Fire Retandant





Main Frame

750GMS or 650GMS White PVC

Entrance Fabric

950GMS Transparent PVC

Inflated time



80km/h (50mph)


Size Options (W x L x H)

2 x 2.5 x 2.3m (6.6 x 8.2 x 7.5ft)


PVC Fabric Bag

Packing Size

75 x 55 x 55cm (29.5 x 21.7 x 21.7 inch)


10 Sets

Package of Inflatable Disinfection Tunnel

sanitization tunnel package disinfection machine

1 Inflatable Disinfection Tunnel with PVC Bag

1 Disinfection Machines

1 Inflation Pump

1 Repair Kits

4 Guy Wires

Advantages of Disinfection Tunnel from Shelter

Strong Resistance

Comply with the flame retardant standard of DIN 4102 B2 and NFPA 701. Remarkable performance in high-speed wind withstands and snow load.

Temperature Control

Configurable with air-conditioners or heaters to maintain a comfortable environment even under harsh conditions.

Easy Set Up and Transport

This inflatable medical tent could be deployed within 5mins by the blower. Equally as important, it deflates and rolls up with ease allowing staff to depart scenes with little effort.


For highlighting the logo and key message to the people, we can print the icon and text across the tent.

Timely Delivery

SHELTER is open and operating normally since February. Our raw materials are fully stocked. And the emergency order will be prioritized in production schedule.

Worldwide Shipping

All orders shipping and delivery as usual, we promised the medical tent could be delivered to any corner in the world.

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