Temporary Retail, Promotion Selling, Flash Retailing, Seasonal Retailing or Pop-up Shop, Pop-up Store, it is all about the same selling type. The pop-up shop is talking about a fast and temporary retailing store for some new brand or festival item.
From the 1990s, pop-up has been raising in large urban cities like Tokyo, London, LA and New York City. Pop-up stores are the temporary retail spaces that sell anything you want. Usually, the pop-up store comes in different shapes and sizes. The shop owners will design their shops into eye-catching or brand shapes by tents or containers.





Features of Pop-up Stores

  • Cycle: 1 day to 3 months;
  • Location: High traffic areas such as shopping mall, busy streets or subway entrance;
  • Item Price: Much lower than traditional store – Because of the lower rental fee;
  • Building Type: Clear span tents, container house or folding tents;
  • Application: New brand promotion, sell festival / seasonal item, clean up inventory, new tech sharing, and testing, increase brand awareness.

The Benefits of Pop-up Stores

  • Strengthen the Relationship: The pop-up retail format creates an open space for you and customers. You can do some after-sale service and use sharing with your customers;
  • Sell More: Most of the people (around 95%) are used to complete the purchases offline. And the return rate of the goods will decrease compare with online shopping;
  • Build Awareness: Some of the brands are willing to promote their brands and products offline;
  • It’s Cheaper: The rental fee will be lower than a traditional store;
  • Testing the Fresh Market: when you finish a new product, you’d better do some selling testing in the target market.



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