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As event planners, exhibition operators, or competition organizers, there is always a desire to make the most of every corner of the event space. Often, the locations for these events or exhibitions are not just regular rectangles. Polygonal tents and combined tents offer an excellent solution to this issue. Their unique appearance easily becomes a focal point of any event.

What are Polygonal Tents and Combined Tents?

1.There are many types of polygonal tents, including hexagonal, octagonal, and dodecagonal tents. The PG series of polygonal tents from Celt, based on the polygonal structure, has its tent top modified into a peaked top, giving the tent a European style appearance. Polygonal tents can be combined with gable-roofed tents, adding extra usable space and improving space utilization. The appearance and design of the polygonal tents also harmonize with the gable-roofed tents, adding a unique aesthetic and appeal to the site. Tents used in this combined way are referred to as combined tents.

yurt tent

2.Combined tents are created by combining different types of tents, such as peaked-roof tents, gable-roofed tents, and polygonal tents, in any combination. The advantage of combined tents lies in their flexible and varied use of space, allowing for customization according to different needs and site sizes, providing more comprehensive and professional services. Different types of tents can be combined to create various spatial effects, meeting the diverse needs of event organizers. For example, peaked-roof tents can be used as check-in areas for exhibitions, offering an elegant and solemn feel; wide-spaced gable-roofed tents can serve as exhibition areas, showcasing various exhibits and works; and polygonal tents can be used as rest areas, offering comfortable seating and resting places.

3.The appearance of combined tents can also present a completely new effect. Tents of different shapes and designs can be matched with each other, creating a unique appearance and visual effect, adding novelty and uniqueness to the event. Celt provides the commonly used combination of gable-roofed tents and peaked-roof tents in the MPT series for your selection.

4 season tent for event

Specifications of the PG and MPT Series

To ensure consistency in design, craftsmanship, and quality, Celt has standardized polygonal tents and basic combined tents into the PG series and MPT series. You can choose according to your needs. If these specifications do not fully meet your requirements, you can choose a similar specification and state your special requirements. Celt's professional pre-sales staff will customize the most suitable product plan for you.

PG Series Frame Specifications
Model Main Profile Shape Side Length Width Side Height Peak Height Roof Angle
PG10-122 68 * 122 * 3mm Hexagon 5 m 10m 2.6m 4.4m 20°
PG10-203 112 * 203 * 4mm Hexagon 5 m 10m 4/6 m 5.6/7.6 m 18°
PG15-203 112 * 203 * 4mm Decagon 5 m 15m 4/6 m 6.4/8.4 m 18°
PG16-203 112 * 203 * 4mm Decagon 5 m 16m 4/6 m 6.6/8.6 m 18°
PG20-203 112 * 203 * 4mm Decagon 5 m 20m 4/6 m 7.2/9.2 m 18°
PG25-203 112 * 203 * 4mm Hexadecagon 5 m 25m 4/6 m 8/10 m 18°
PG30-300 120 * 300 * 5mm Octadecagon 5 m 30m 4/6 m 9/11 m 18°
PG40-300 120 * 300 * 5mm Icositetragon 5 m 40m 4/6 m 11/13 m 18°
party tent
MPT Series Frame Specifications
Model Main Profile Gable Span Side Height Peak Height(with Spire) Roof Angle Unit Spacing
MPT10-203 112 * 203 * 4mm 10 m; 5 m interval 4m/6m 8.5/10.5 m 18° 5m
MPT15-203 112 * 203 * 4mm 15 m; 5 m interval 4m/6m 9.5/11.5 m 18° 5m
MPT20-203 112 * 203 * 4mm 20 m; 5 m interval 4m/6m 10/12 m 18° 5m
MPT25-203 112 * 203 * 4mm 25 m; 5 m interval 4m/6m 11/13 m 18° 5m
large event tents

In summary, the features of polygonal and combined tents include:

1.High Adaptability: Polygonal tents have a high space utilization rate and, like combined tents, are designed with flexibility and variability. They can be combined with different types to adapt to different site needs, maximizing space utilization.

2.Aesthetics: Polygonal tents have a modern and fashionable appearance. Combined tents can present a new look by matching different types of tents. Highly malleable, whether in single or double peak models or combined with polygonal tents to form a semi-dome shape, they lend a unique artistic beauty to your event.

yurt tent

3.Sturdy Structure: Both polygonal and combined tents use high-strength aluminum alloy frames. This frame structure ensures stability and safety in various weather conditions. Steel structures are used at the combination joints for safe and firm connections. This sturdy design provides safe and reliable protection for events in adverse weather conditions or other unfavorable environmental factors.

4.Standardized Modular Design for Events and Sports:In the dynamic world of event planning and sports, where adaptability is key, our standardized modular design is a game-changer. The polygonal and combined tents are not just efficient in manufacturing; they're a testament to long-term stability and durability. Picture hosting a high-profile corporate event or a bustling sports meet – these tents, with their standard, high-quality parts, offer an unparalleled blend of reliability and sophistication. This design not only makes maintenance a breeze but also ensures that each component, be it for a high-energy sports event or an exclusive corporate gathering, meets the highest standards of excellence.

5.Flexibility for Varied Event Spaces:Imagine the possibility of transforming a space to suit a high-end office retreat, a thrilling sports event, or an elegant gala. The flexibility of our tents allows you to tailor spaces to these diverse needs. Their easy assembly and disassembly mean you can swiftly transition from a corporate seminar layout to an athletic event setup, optimizing time and resources. The interior can be segmented into different zones – perhaps a VIP lounge for a corporate event or a rest area for athletes, all while maintaining an ambiance that aligns seamlessly with the event's theme.

Double-decker tent for event frame

6.Quick Installation: Vital for Fast-Paced Environments:In the world of professional event planning and sports, time is of the essence. Our tents’ quick installation feature allows for rapid setup, which is crucial when dealing with tight schedules. Whether setting up for a time-sensitive corporate event or preparing for a major sports tournament, the ability to assemble and arrange these structures quickly is invaluable, helping you stay on track with your meticulous event schedules.

7.Reusability: A Sustainable Choice for Events and Offices:Sustainability is a growing concern in corporate and sports environments. The polygonal and combined tents address this by being fully dismountable and reusable. This isn't just cost-effective; it's a nod to environmental responsibility – an attribute highly valued in today’s eco-conscious corporate world. The compact storage and transport-friendly design mean these tents can be reused across various events – from corporate functions to sports meets, making them a wise investment in the long run.

8.Multifunctionality: A Canvas for Creative Event Planning Imagine our polygonal and combined tents as blank canvases, where the only limit is your imagination. In the corporate world, these tents transform into sleek exhibition spaces, buzzing networking lounges, or serene breakout rooms for deep discussions. The true beauty lies in their chameleon-like ability to adapt. Consider a sports event: one section becomes a bustling media center, another a VIP viewing area, and yet another, a comfortable resting zone for athletes. It's this versatility that allows event planners to craft bespoke experiences within a single space. These tents aren't just structures; they're immersive environments that reflect the unique character of each event – whether it's a professional corporate gathering or a lively sports championship.

9.Cost-Effectiveness: Smart Budgeting for Impactful Events In the realm of event planning – where every penny counts – the cost-effectiveness of our tents shines brightly. Their reusability is not just a feature; it's a commitment to sustainable, long-term planning. For regular events, be it annual corporate functions or seasonal sports tournaments, the longevity of these tents presents a financially astute choice. They’re not mere expenses but investments in future events. Moreover, their low maintenance nature means they age gracefully, keeping overheads low over time. This aspect is especially critical for organizations where budget efficiency is paramount. In essence, these tents are not just cost-saving; they’re environmentally conscious choices that align with a modern ethos of sustainability.

party tents

In Conclusion: More Than Just Tents

To conclude, the essence of our polygonal and combined tents lies in their fusion of practicality and elegance. In the corporate and sports event sphere, they are much more than shelters. They are dynamic, adaptable spaces that resonate with the energy of each event. Their standardized design guarantees quality, while their modularity ensures flexibility for any event timeline. Their multifunctionality is unparalleled, providing tailored solutions for diverse events – from dignified corporate functions to vibrant sports gatherings. Opting for these tents is not just choosing a practical solution; it's an investment in creating memorable, impactful experiences. They are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, turning every event into a seamless, unforgettable occasion.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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