Cassette Floor System Supports Top-class Event

Cassette floor system also called modular floor, as the name suggests each piece of the floor is assembled before delivering to your hand. With the convenient in installation, cassette floor becomes one of the most common floor options in clear span tent structure. Different from wooden floor, each sheet of cassette floor is made of aluminum alloy for base frame and the coated wood plate for the surface. Such kinds of floor sheet will create better performance in installation, anti-deformation, and anti-corrosion.

For the better-using experience and affordable in shipping fee for you, we have made the progression of the old type cassette floor. Please check the improved features as follows:

small gala tent with new cassette floor system 2

Improved Features of New Cassette Floor System

size of cassette floor

In the reasonable safety consideration, we have made the adjustment of the thickness of the wooden plate (18mm). The whole cassette floor system will become affordable in shipping and easy in installation. In addition, the space of the tent structure storage space will be decreased.

customized installation testing of cassette floor

For different tent structure system, Shelter offers customized solution to fix your construction design. Also, we will make installation commissioning for our client’s actual need.

color and pattern option of cassette floor 2


Compared with the old type cassette floor, we provide 4 appearance options of new type for you to choose.

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