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mixed party tent with high peak - wedding marquee for sale


500 seater Banquet Tent 20x50m


Peaked Party Marquee Host 1000 Guests


15x40m Reception Marquee


15x35m High Peak Party Tent For 500 Guests

SHELTER Multi-peak Tent for Wedding - 25 x 50m Wedding Marquee - Mixed Party Tent for Sale in Philippines -7

25 by 50m Three Peak Party Tents for 1500 Seats

SHELTER Mixed Party Tent Specification

Shelter Mixed Party Tent (MPT series)  are “A”  frame tent combined with 5m-span high peaks. The most common design is straight end or bell end with one or two high peaks. The mixed party tent add more flexibility and elegance to the rigid “A” roof marquee.

Mixed Party Tent is a must for outdoor events and large-scale festival celebrations, from small family gathering and private party to wedding venue, concert hall, and hospitality center. Because it is relocatable and easy to setup and transport, meanwhile offers 100% interior space without center poles.

Shelter party marquees also provide beautiful linen, lighting, air-con,flooring and any accessories that your wedding need.

  • Main Frame Material:
    • Material: Hard pressed extruded Aluminum alloy T6061/T6
    • Available Sizes: 112 x 203 x 4 mm, 120 x 200 x 4 mm, 120 x 250 x 4mm
    • Aluminum profile with four channels
  • Cover Density:
    • 850g/m² double-face PVC coated polyester reinforced fabric; Block-out; Pure white or tailormade colors
    • 950g/m² double-face PVC coated polyester reinforced fabric; Translucent/clear
    • 650g/m² double-face PVC coated polyester reinforced fabric; Half block-out; Pure white or tailormade colors
    • Engraved pattern design available
  • Components:
    • Steel or aluminum Hot Galvanized Surface(>60urm)
  • Features:
    • Fire retardant(DIN 4102 B1/M2);
    • Waterproof;
    • UV Resistant
    • Windload 100km/h
    • Relocatable;
    • Prefab modular structures; Easy to setup



Standard Size:

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Item Width(M) Height(M) Bay Distance(M) Max. Windload
MPT010005 10 3.95 5 100km/h
MPT015005 15 3.95 5 100km/h
MPT020005 20 3.95 5 100km/h
MPT025005 25 3.95 5 100km/h
MPT030005 30 3.95 5 100km/h


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Dimension Size
(Width x Lenght)
Round Table Only Round Table &
Dancing Floor
Buffet &
Church Seat
10 x 20m (32 x 65 ft) 200sqm (2152sq ft) 100 – 120 People 75 – 100 People 100 – 150 People
15 x 30m (50 x 100 ft) 450sqm (4843 ft) 235 – 280 People 185 – 225 People 375 – 450 People
20 x 30m (65 x 100 ft) 600sqm (6458sq ft) 315 – 375 People 250 – 300 People 500 – 600 People
20 x 35m (65 x 115ft) 700sqm (7534sq ft) 375 – 435 People 300 – 350 People 600 – 700 People
20 x 40m (65 x 130 ft) 800sqm (8611sq ft) 435 – 500 People 350 – 400 People 700 – 800 People
20 x 45m (65 x 147 ft) 900sqm (9687sq ft) 500 – 560 People 400 – 450 People 800 – 900 People
20 x 50m (65x 164ft) 1000sqm (10763sq ft) 560 – 625 People 450 – 500 People 900 – 1000 People
1000sqm (10763sq ft) 25 x 40m (82 x 130 ft) 560 – 625 People 450 – 500 People 900 – 1000 People
25 x 45m (82 x 147 ft) 1125sqm (12109sq ft) 590 – 700 People 465 – 560 People 935 – 1125 People
25 x 50m (82 x 164 ft) 1250sqm (13454sq ft) 655 – 780 People 520 – 625 People 1040 – 1250 People
25 x 55m (82 x 180 ft) 1375sqm (14800sq ft) 720 – 860 People 570 – 680 People 1145 – 1375 People
25 x 65m (82 x 213 ft) 1625sqm (17490sq ft) 855 – 1015 People 677 – 810 People 1354 – 1625 People
30 x 50m (100 x 164 ft) 1500sqm (16145sq ft) 875 – 935 People 700 – 750 People 1400 – 1500 People
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Processing Technology


Depend on our clients’ demand for capacity, location climate, building foundation and event theme, SHELTER’S experienced sales and design team will offer turnkey tent solution including the tent size, fabric type, roof type. Also, we provide customized design for fabric printing. Shelter has made custom fabric design for butterfly theme restaurant and LEGO brick exhibition.


Accurate produce is the most important factor for tent design. Shelter has introduced advanced CNC technology machine to cut the material, drill screw holes and design the fabric shape. Different from manually cutting, CNC technology will create high precision and make all components connect perfectly.


After cutting the PVC fabric (depend on technology material), we will use the heat-pressure machine (the temperature reaches to 517℃ ) to weld the fabric tightly for large roof fabric. For installing safely and conveniently, Shelter will polish and rivet the screw hold, assemble the basic main profile for our clients.


For higher effectiveness of package, Shelter introduced CNC package machine to pack the aluminum profile carefully. For PVC fabric, we will pack them in the bag to avoid the dust and scratching.


For 100% safety of our structures, we will make installation test before delivery. So you can set up the tents smoothly on your job-site. Also, we will send our technology staff and project manager to provide installation guidance if you need.
Timely delivery is the promise to all of our clients, we provide timely Door to Door delivery to any corner of the world.

Quality Guaranteed

Bespoken Solution

Production Facilities

100% Safety Concerned


Fire Retardant


We listen to your idea and requirement. Turning your idea or concept into a reality: We visualize your needs and ideas by 2D Rendering.

Cutting edge technology ensured high precision. Shelter Tent is the first Chinese manufacturer that bring in CNC drilling and cutting machine which highly enhanced our production capacity and quality.

We guarantee that each solution will work out for your event. We have professional teams take care of quality test and installation test before shipping.

All covers are made of double-coated synthetic fiber with the best performance in breaking strength

PVC Fabric Fire Retardant according to :DIN4102 B1, M2; USA NFPA701



Easy Installation

Carefully Packed

Worldwide Delivery


Premium grade, high gloss white, thickness ≥0.67mm

Aluminum Profile: Hard Pressed Extruded Structural Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 at least 250 MPa

Movable modular structures that easy to set up and dismantle

All aluminum profiles and fabric materials are packed with plastic foam and wooden pallet with detailed labels.

Door to door timely delivery to every corner of the world.

Quality Contrast

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Successful Cases

Shelter Tent has decades of experience and works in partnership with the world’s most iconic sporting organizations, cultural event organizers, venues and brand owners including the Olympic Games, Asian Games, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, AUDI, Adidas to name just a few. Our experienced team provides bespoke solutions which maintain clients’ brand consistency and quality of delivery the world over.

• 2015-2016 PGA Golf Tour
• 2013-2016 US Open of Surfing
• 2015 NASCAR US
• 2015 Extreme Sailing Series
• 2015-2016 Qingdao Beer Festival
• 2015-2016 BMW Car Show Tour
• 2014-2016 WTA Tennis (Wuhan Open)
• 2014-2016 CCOR International – Exclusive Supplier
• 2014 Youth Olympic Games
• 2014 Military Defence of Mozambique
Aircraft Hangar Exclusive Supplier
• 2014 International Horticultural Exposition
• 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix F1
• 2013 Asian Youth Games
• 2010-2013 Canton Fair Expo Tent Supplier
• 2009 Formula 1 Singapore Station (Singapore)
• 2010 Commonwealth Games (New Delhi, India)
• 2008 Olympics Games Beijing Tent Supplier

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