The Main Material of Geodesic Dome Tent

With the increasing outdoor events, the unique dome tent becomes the main choice of many commercial or glamping events. In addition, spherical dome tent is used as long-term living tent in jungle resort or campsite usually.How to make some simple maintenance of the dome tent? And how long can the geodesic dome tent last for? (The lifespan of dome tent).

Although geodesic dome tent is the temporary or semi-permanent building, the selection of frame and the covered membrane is the most important factor in safety. The structures of all geodesic dome are combined with triangle construction by steel round tube. Such kind of structures creates the perfect performance in weather protection [Max. wind load: 100km/h (60mph)].

The main profile of frame is superior cool galvanized Q235 steel tube which has printed weathering powder. This kind of steel tube creates the better appearance and stainless feature compares with hot galvanized. The covered membrane is the PVC coated polyester fabric which has good performance in UV, heat resistance and waterproof.

the lifespan of geodesic dome

How to Maintain Geodesic Dome


  • Making considerate packing before transporting or removing;
  • Putting the steel tube on a soft land and avoiding collision during installing; (How to Build Geodesic Dome)
  • If you will set up the spherical tent as dwell dome, you’d better set up insulation layer. Not only making temperature control space, but also protecting the steel tube.

Covered Membrane

The lifespan of Spherical Dome Tent

The lifespan of galvanized steel frame can be last for 10+ years for outdoor using. If you will set up the dome tent in desert or mid-eastern area where is strong sunlight, you’d better choosing stainless steel. The lifespan will be increasing to 20 years. In the reasonable using, the covered membrane can be used for 5 years. In addition, Shelter provides considerate after-sale service including maintenance and components replacement. The price will be more affordable.

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