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Revolutionizing Temporary Spaces: The Multifunctional, TFS Warehouse Tent

Multi-Arch Tent House

As event planners, exhibition operators, or sports event organizers, do you ever feel that continually using A-frame tent houses as event venues lacks novelty and fails to meet the height requirements of the entire activity area? The multi-arch tent house, as an upgraded version of the A-frame tent house, is designed to meet these needs. Let’s explore what makes the multi-arch tent house special

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multi-arch tent house

What is a TFS Tent?

The TFS tent is quite different from the common A-frame tents. It is an innovative tent that uses a curved column design. Its bent load-bearing columns and sloping beams form a pointed top, making the TFS tent appear peach-shaped when viewed from the gable end. The Shelter Structures TFS tent series uses high-strength aluminum alloy for the frame and PVC membrane material for the exterior, offering a unique and stunning appearance while having a wide range of applications, such as for wedding banquets, sports venues, storage spaces, and other outdoor uses. Its unique structure is especially suitable for use as an outdoor aircraft hangar, whether for large aircraft or private helicopters, complemented with shell door facilities, making it an economical and practical choice.

The structural design has the following advantages:

1.Reduced Wind Resistance: Compared to traditional straight-line tents, the arc-shaped load-bearing columns effectively guide the airflow direction, reducing the direct impact on the tent surface. This design can reduce the wind load on the tent, minimizing the risk of damage. According to the wind load shape coefficient, the larger the frontal windward area, the greater the pressure; the closer the roof is to 30°, the less suction it experiences.

Wind Load Shape Coefficient (positive for pressure, negative for suction):
The TFS tent's load-bearing columns are curved, transitioning to a 25° roof slope; compared to the conventional A-frame tent's vertical columns and 18° roof slope, the TFS tent has less windward area on the side of the load-bearing columns and is more curved, thus experiencing less pressure from wind loads; the roof angle of 25° is closer to 30°, experiencing less suction from wind loads.

2.Enhanced Stability: The peach-shaped design structure lowers the overall center of gravity, meaning that the TFS tent has a lower center of gravity than regular tents, enhancing its stability. This makes it less likely to be lifted or toppled in strong winds.

In the TFS tent structure, the center of gravity is approximately 58% of its total height, whereas in conventional A-frame tents, it's about 65%. The lower the center of gravity, the higher the stability.

3.More Attractive Appearance: The curved column design of the TFS tent is unique, adding a sense of modernity and artistry, making it more distinctive and attractive when used for public buildings.

What applications can TFS tents be used for?

As a member of the aluminum alloy tent family, TFS tents are equally suitable for a variety of fields, particularly the following:.

1.Use in sports and exhibition events: For schools, clubs, professional and amateur leagues, and other organizers seeking high-quality indoor sports or exhibition events, Shelter Structures's TFS tents are a great solution. Shelter Structures's TFS tents feature a highly modular design, with additional extension parts available for customers to expand their purchased TFS tents. The flexible TFS tent can meet your different site size requirements, whether you need a single sports field or multiple fields, or even expand spectator areas and other sections according to the scale of the event, Shelter Structures's TFS tents can do it all.

2.Use in storage: Compared to the conventional A-frame tents with a roof angle of 18°, the TFS tent, with its lower center of gravity and higher stability, can have a roof angle of 25°. This provides higher interior clearance. The curved column, large-span design, requires no internal support columns; combined with a higher clearance, it can provide more internal space for storing more goods.

3.Use in emergency rescue or military applications: Buildings in this area often share a common requirement: easy and rapid assembly with a robust structure. Shelter Structures's TFS tents meet this need. The TFS frame consists of modular high-strength aluminum alloy components. Aluminum alloy is not only effective against oxidation, corrosion, and other natural factors but is also sturdy and durable, making the TFS tent almost installable anywhere. The frame and base are hinged, meaning that each component of the gable can be connected on the ground, making assembly easier for installers, and the components are bolted together, a fast and efficient installation method that requires very little technical skill from the installers.

The peach or nearly triangular stable structure can effectively withstand greater wind pressure and has strong seismic resistance, resisting secondary damage in emergencies. In emergency rescue or military fields, time is more than just money; the rapid installation and dismantling process saves time and lives.

4.Use as a hangar: This is also one of the most iconic uses of the TFS tent. TFS tents as hangars can accommodate almost any size of aircraft, from small private single-engine planes to large commercial airliners, and provide ample space for ground vehicles, maintenance equipment, etc.

When used as a hangar, the frequently paired shell door with TFS tents cannot be overlooked. The shell door is composed of multiple TFS tent unit frames. To facilitate the opening and closing of the shell door, the first gable facing the installation of the shell door has a certain angle, which facilitates the rotation and folding of the shell door around the base of the gable. When the shell door is open, it can fit nearly 100% with the frame of the gable, maximizing the use of space on the gable, facilitating the entry and exit of aircraft. The frames are also enclosed with PVC tent fabric, ensuring the overall seal of the TFS tent..

How to Choose a TFS Tent?

In addition to customizing the TFS tent according to your specific requirements, Shelter Structures's standard TFS tent series already includes 4 specifications of aluminum alloy profiles, with spans ranging from 15 meters to 60 meters. You can choose according to the size of your site and local working conditions, and Shelter Structures's pre-sales specialists will also recommend the right model based on the information you provide.

TFS Tent Series Parameters
Model Main Profile Gable Span Side Height Top Height Roof Angle Unit Interval Wind Load Snow Load
TFS 15~TFS 25-203 120*200*4mm 15~25m;5m interval 4m 8.1 m ~10.4m 25° 5m 0.6 kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
TFS 20~TFS 40-310 120*300*5mm 20~40 m;5 m intervals 4m 9.4 m ~14 m 25° 5m 0.6 kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
TFS 40~TFS 50-350 120*350*5mm 40~50 m;5 m intervals 4m 14.1 m ~16.5 m 25° 5m 0.6 kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
TFS 50~TFS 60-400 120*400*6mm 50~60 m;5 m intervals 4m 16.5 m ~18.8 m 25° 5m 0.55 kN/㎡ 0.15 kN/㎡

In Shelter Structures's TFS tent series, the standard top cover is 850g/sqm PVC white blackout cloth, made of PVC material treated with double-sided coating and high-strength polyester fiber, which has UV resistance, mold resistance, waterproofing, self-cleaning function, and a fire rating up to domestic B1 level/international M2 level, with a lifespan of no less than 5 years. This can provide shade, resist solar radiation, reduce heat absorption, and keep the interior cool, meeting the needs of most customers. In addition, different tent fabric colors can be customized according to your usage needs, such as the commonly used military dark green, desert yellow, or transparent tent fabric to increase lighting.

Because of the curved load-bearing column design of the TFS tent, hard walls such as glass walls, ABS board walls, and single and double doors are all installed on the gable face of the TFS tent. If installation on the side is required, additional steel components can be added.

With its unique design, sturdy structure, flexible use, and environmentally friendly concept, the TFS tent will become the ideal choice for various activities and exhibitions. Whether it is for commercial promotion, military aircraft hangars, large car shows, furniture exhibitions, clothing exhibitions, or festivals, weddings, and other events, TFS tents can provide the highest quality service and solutions. We believe that TFS tents will become the future leader in temporary buildings!

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