Inflatable Medical Tent Rapid Deploy

Inflatable medical tent and emergency shelters can be used as temporary structure for disaster response and rapid deployment for emergency preparedness. Shelter supplies emergency shelter tent and supporting accessories all over the world and our products are renowned for their reliability and superb quality.

Our inflatable emergency tents have all the technical features built into them. The most important equipment, blower maintains constant pressure inside the frame to keep the whole tent stable in any situation, prolong the lifespan of the tent and almost eliminate the risk of deflation through damage.

The zipper door is convenience in accessing. Also, we can custom the screen window and ventilation system where you require them. The interior environment is comfortable in any climate and is robust enough for the most torrid condition. The interior space is flexible in arranging beds, medical machines and other facilities by its self-support features.

Once on-site, the inflatable shelter can be standing on any surface condition within five-minutes. The inflatable emergency shelters are extremely quick to erect, pack away and store. This rapid deployment tent can be used for emergency first response, medical building, temporary housing, warehouse, health screening zone and more.

Applications of Inflatable Medical Tent

Field Hospital

The governments and communities turn to the mobile field hospital as the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 patients. Shelter emergency tents perfectly serve as temporary hospitals, responding to the tens of thousands of infected patients.

Testing Station

Recently, increasing testing sites are needed to fully understand the scope of the public health situation. Health screening is helpful to prevent the spread of the virus.

Canteen & Food Distribution Center

Due to strong virus transmission, we will suggest you install a food distribution center to avoid excessive staff turnover.

Temporary Command Office

Inflatable tent could be rapidly deployed in any ground surface. The robust tent with block-out tarp is suitable to use as temporary command offices and coordination centers.

Specifications of Inflatable Medical Tent


UV Resistance

Fire Retandant





Exterior Cover

750GMS or 650GMS White PVC

Interior Lining (Optional)

260T oxford fabric


Approx. 240kg (265lbs)

Inflated time



80km/h (50mph)


Width Option

5m (16ft); 6m (20ft)

Bay Distance

2.5m (8ft)

Eave Height

2.0m (6.6ft)

Front Door Size

1.2 x 2m (3.9 x 6.6ft)

Window Size

0.69×0.61m (2.3 x 2.0ft)

Advantages of Inflatable Medical Tent from Shelter

Strong Resistance

Comply with the flame retardant standard of DIN 4102 B2 and NFPA 701. Remarkable performance in high-speed wind withstands and snow load.

Temperature Control

Configurable with air-conditioners or heaters to maintain a comfortable environment even under harsh conditions.

Easy Set Up and Transport

This inflatable medical tent could be deployed within 5mins by the blower. Equally as important, it deflates and rolls up with ease allowing staff to depart scenes with little effort.


For highlighting the logo and key message to the people, we can print the icon and text across the tent.

Timely Delivery

SHELTER is open and operating normally since February. Our raw materials are fully stocked. And the emergency order will be prioritized in production schedule.

Worldwide Shipping

All orders shipping and delivery as usual, we promised the medical tent could be delivered to any corner in the world.

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