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When unexpected growth of bussines and seasonal need is coming. How to increase the storage space in a short time? Now, you need a temporary warehouse in easy installation. Prefabricated warehouse and stroage building from SHELTER INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES will meet your urgent need with the durable structures.

  • Warehouse & Storage Tents can be installed directly on any surface in less than a week.
  • With its modular construction, warehouse tent are easy to install and disassemble. Perfect solution for temporary and urgent storage need.
  • Available in 10.00m to 60.00m width, unlimited length [ in 16′ (5m) increments ], 3.95m to 4.08m eave height
  • Full accessories on storage tents and the most competitive price.

Main Profile & Accessories of Industrial Tents

Aluminum Profile


  • Available Size: 120x350x6mm, 130x310x5mm, 120x300x5mm, 120x250x4mm, 120x200x4mm
  • Material: Hardpressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
  • Features: Stainless, Lightweight, Durable, 4 Channel
  • Windload: Up too 120km/h
  • Steel Frame Connections: Superior Enclosure with Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Cover Fabric


  • Density: 850g/sqm Block-out White PVC for Roof;
    650g/sqm Translucent White PVC for Side Walls
  • Material: PVC Coated Polyester with Hard Tensile Strength
  • Features: Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN4012, B1, M2)



  • Sidewall: Pure PVC Fabric, ABS Solid Wall, Sandwich Panel, Clear PVC Windows;
  • Door: PVC Door with Zipper, Roller Shutter, Aluminum Door, Sliding Door;
  • Floor: Wooden Floor, Caseette Floor;
  • Fixation: Expension Bolt, Steel Stake, Weight Basket;
  • Others: Air Conditioner, Fly Screen Windows.

Application of Industrial Tents

Need Extra Stroage Space?

Whether youn need a permanent industrial warehouse or a temporary storage building as a extension of the unexpected business’ growth, Shelter Industrial Structures can offers the turnkey solution.

Our temporary warehouse building can be installed on almost any surface – asphalt, concrete, or soil and without the need of a permanent foundation.

Without any interior pole and supports inside, giving you the 100% effective storage space for equipment and stock shelves. The forklift can be driven more flexible.


Warehouse Used As Temporary Supermarket

Warehouse or Supermarket? The answer is you can get in both. As the flexible capacity and easy installation design, Shelter Industrial Structures can meet your need in a short time. When you are planning the seasonal clearance sale, new product pre-sale or discount promotion, you can get the perfect solution in Shelter.

With the modular construction, you will get the whole efficient storage space. You can make the most flexible arragement for the products shelves, shopping carts, cashier and remaing stock.


The Ideal Solution for Temporary Aircraft Warehouses and Shelters

Shelter TFS Hangar provides perfect solution for temporary warehouse in avaition industry. With the large and clear span design, our hangar structures accomdates wides uses, including:

  • Temporary Aircraft Hangar;
  • Portable Transportation Terminals
  • Maintenance Canopy;
  • Avaition Equipment Storage;
  • Baggage Handling in Airport.

Main Features of TFS Hangar:

  • Modular Design, making them durable and portable and easy in size adjustment (18 – 35mrt in Width; Unlimited in Length);
  • Quickly Install and Dismantel in time;
  • Relocatable in any location;
  • Weather protection – good performance in rainy and windy day (waterproof fabric, windload in 120km/h).


Turnkey Solution for Lounge Space in Job-site

Shelter structures provides lunch hall, lounge and dining space or other break facilities for temporary using in working-site. And can be removed when the need is no longer present. Features of our tents make them suitable and perfect solution for industrial, oilfield and mining sites:

  • Heat-Insulated system: ABS solid wall, sandwich panel, thermo roof (gable) system;
  • PVC coated polyester fabric: waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant;
  • Stably climate protection: up to 120 km/h wind load and 80 kg/sqm snow load;
  • Clear span spacing for stock storing and moving materials;
  • Modular design in capacity and tent shapes;
  • No foundation needed on permanent building.


Temporary Workshop – Safe, Relocatable, Cost-effective

These structures were installed as outdoor workshop for Foxconn Technology Group which is the world largest electronics contractor manufacturer. Now it has been erected for three years and it stand the test of time and still working without any problem.

Not only protect the worker from the weather and increase the productivity, but these industrial fabric structures also present a way to meet the budget and comfort the working environment.


Reliable Army Shelter – Military Tent

Shelter have been provided temporary army tents for military with high quality products and excellent service. If you need temporary construction during military training and camping. SHELTER military tents will be a perfect solution for supplies storage, lounges, training center, control room, conference room and reception hall.

Processing Technology


Depend on our clients’ demand for capacity, location climate, building foundation and event theme, SHELTER’S experienced sales and design team will offer turnkey tent solution including the tent size, fabric type, roof type. Also, we provide customized design for fabric printing. Shelter has made custom fabric design for butterfly theme restaurant and LEGO brick exhibition.


Accurate produce is the most important factor for tent design. Shelter has introduced advanced CNC technology machine to cut the material, drill screw holes and design the fabric shape. Different from manually cutting, CNC technology will create high precision and make all components connect perfectly.


After cutting the PVC fabric (depend on technology material), we will use the heat-pressure machine (the temperature reaches to 517℃ ) to weld the fabric tightly for large roof fabric. For installing safely and conveniently, Shelter will polish and rivet the screw hold, assemble the basic main profile for our clients.


For higher effectiveness of package, Shelter introduced CNC package machine to pack the aluminum profile carefully. For PVC fabric, we will pack them in the bag to avoid the dust and scratching.


For 100% safety of our structures, we will make installation test before delivery. So you can set up the tents smoothly on your job-site. Also, we will send our technology staff and project manager to provide installation guidance if you need.
Timely delivery is the promise to all of our clients, we provide timely Door to Door delivery to any corner of the world.

Shelter Service

Project Management

Our slaes are the professional in the business, providing expert advice and guidance for your storage arrangement.

Design & Engineering

Turning idea or concept into a reality: our technology stuff will make the 2D Rendering to show the storage design clearly.

CNC Technology

Using CNC drilling and cutting machine to ensure the accuracy of our storage tents.

Quality Inspection

Aluminum Profile: Hard Pressed Extruded Structural Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 at least 250 MPa

Installation Testing

We guarantee that the storage tents solution can work out on your job-site, we will do the installation testing before delivery.

Worldwide Delivery

Shelter do worldwide delivery. Your structures will arrive as soon as possible.

Job-site Consultation

If you are in need, we will send our highly-trained team to your job-site and provide efficient installation manner.

Maintenance Service

We are willing to make the maintenance for your structures including aluminum alloy frame, connection and covered fabric replacement.

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