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50x100m Tennis Court Canopy

25x50m Indoor Tennis Courts

40x40m Tennis Court Shade

35x40m Tennis Court Tent

Classic Project of Indoor Tennis Court

Basic Information

Eave Height:
Tent Type:
Polygonal Series


For providing all-weather protection to the tennis court, Shelter offers strong and stable tennis court canopy in any sizes and shape. The main material of indoor tennis court is durable aluminum alloy and waterproof PVC fabric. With the modular design, the tennis court can be more convenience in delivery, installation and storage. In addition, our tennis tent can be set up in any surface. Whatever grass, sandland and cement ground, we provides different fixation kits and turnkey solution. Lastly, for the complete tennis experience, the tennis court flooring can be optional in wooden floor, cassette floor, sandland and plastic floor.

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Shape of Indoor Tennis Court

Tent Series Shape Available Span Size(m) Height(m) Bay Distance(m) Max. Windload
M / L Series “A” Frame 20.00 – 60.00 3.95 – 6.00 5.00 100km/h
Arch Series Curved Roof 20.00 – 40.00 3.95 – 6.00 5.00 120km/h
Polygonal Series Curved Roof 20.00 – 60.00 4.03 – 6.00 5.00 120km/h
TFS Series “Heart” Roof 18.00 – 60.00 4.00 5.00 120km/h
Thermo Series Thermo Roof System 10.00 – 25.00 3.95 5.00 100km/h
Double Decker Series 10.00 – 30.00 8.00 3.00 / 5.00 120km/h


“A” Frame

Arch Series

Polygonal Series

TFS Series

Thermo Series

Double Decker Series

Processing Technology


Depend on our clients’ demand for capacity, location climate, building foundation and event theme, SHELTER’S experienced sales and design team will offer turnkey tent solution including the tent size, fabric type, roof type. Also, we provide customized design for fabric printing. Shelter has made custom fabric design for butterfly theme restaurant and LEGO brick exhibition.


Accurate produce is the most important factor for tent design. Shelter has introduced advanced CNC technology machine to cut the material, drill screw holes and design the fabric shape. Different from manually cutting, CNC technology will create high precision and make all components connect perfectly.


After cutting the PVC fabric (depend on technology material), we will use the heat-pressure machine (the temperature reaches to 517℃ ) to weld the fabric tightly for large roof fabric. For installing safely and conveniently, Shelter will polish and rivet the screw hold, assemble the basic main profile for our clients.


For higher effectiveness of package, Shelter introduced CNC package machine to pack the aluminum profile carefully. For PVC fabric, we will pack them in the bag to avoid the dust and scratching.


For 100% safety of our structures, we will make installation test before delivery. So you can set up the tents smoothly on your job-site. Also, we will send our technology staff and project manager to provide installation guidance if you need.
Timely delivery is the promise to all of our clients, we provide timely Door to Door delivery to any corner of the world.

Service for Sport Court Canopy


Pre-sale Service

  • Online-Inquiry: We will take care your project online within 24h.
  • Turnkey Solution: Our sales will offer the turnkey solution and detailed price according to your requirement.

Design & Mock-up

  • Customized Design: Our technology will show you the basic structures for your wish. In addition, customized design is allowed in Shelter including the height, bay distance, shape, fabric printing and more.
  • Rendering: After the basic frame design, we will show you the 2D Rendering. Bring your idea into reality.

CNC Technology

In order to ensure the accuracy of production, we introduced the German CNC technology: aluminum profile drilling and PVC fabric cutting.

Installation Testing

We guarantee that each solution will work out for your event. We have professional teams take care of quality test and installation test before shipping.

Package & Delivery

  • Careful Package:
    • Aluminum frame packed in membrane film.
    • Roof and sidewall in professional PVC carry bag.
    • Hardware packed in wooden case.
  • Worldwide Delivery: Door to door shipping service.


We are willing to make the maintenance for your structures including aluminum alloy frame, connection and covered fabric replacement.

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