As the rasing of prefabricated structure manufacturing, more and more people choose the storage tent to be the temporary or semi-permanent warehouse building. Especially in Industrial using, they need to expand the equipment storage space for job-site, mining and military. Wide span size option, numerous roof type and easy in installation create the popularity of outdoor storage tent.

At the same time, the sidewall option will be the important part of the warehouse structure. SHELTER provides PVC membrane, ABS solid wall, sandwich panel (filled by RW). How about transparent glass wall? No way! You want to keep the privacy of your goods and equipment, right? So what is the different features and advantage between these three kinds of sidewall? Let’s get started to learn and choose the suitable one for your storage.

PVC Membrane
Shelter provides 850g/sqm white PVC fabric to be the sidewall option. It is the most simple, affordable and rapid manner to set up sidewall if you just store something normal. PVC fabric has the perfect performance in waterproof, anti-crash, UV resistance and fire retardant. So this kind of sidewall can reach the basic requirement like a sunshade, wind resistance, and heavy rain. Also, you can choose block-out or translucent fabric depend on your need. As the high-quality material, the life-span of the PVC fabric will be up to 5 years.

how to choose the sidewall for temporary warehouse building - waterproof,fire retardant PVC fabric


ABS Solid Wall
ABS solid wall is the most popular sidewall option in storage tent industry. Creating the perfect function in anti-crash, temperature-controlled (heat or cold), chemical resistance. Compared with PVC fabric, ABS solid wall will be more stable during bad weather and security.

how to choose the sidewall for temporary warehouse building - ABS solid wall


Sandwich Panel
Sandwich panel is widely used in architectural field including industrial and permanent building. Filled by RW (rock wool) not only will create a perfect performance in heat-blocking, but also in sound insulation. Sandwich panel is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for temporary storage tent so far.

how to choose the sidewall for temporary warehouse building - sandwich panel RW layer



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