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Are you working in trade company as the event tent distributor? Your clients have an upcoming event will be held under clear span tent? You said you have already had the event tent supplier but not really reliable. What will you do? You go to the internet, type “what is the best event tent manufacturer?”. The results will be overwhelming, there are millions of companies out there that provide the tent products you are looking for. How do you select which company will work best and fit your client willing? To help you make the decision clearer, we detailed 6 factors below to consider when choosing an event tent manufacturer. If you want to satisfy your clients, check it out!

6 Factors of The Reliable Event Tent Manufacturer

Shelter Reputation and Reviews Handwritten Notes from customers
Handwritten Notes from Customers’ Reviews

Reputation and Reviews
Testimonials are the straight reflected of the customers who have bought event tents from the company. Notable company review site to reference is Google Places. You can ask the company to see if they have handwritten notes from the customers. As the leading event tent manufacturer, Shelter has provided our clear span structures to Mozambique government and owning the high reputation.

“We have just been shocked by about her delivery you did for 15,000 seater tent that was on our TV today” the review of a client who just watches the tent on TV.

Cooperating with a company that provides a considerate and turnkey customer service will affect the success of the business. The company you choose for your clients should have the professional project manager, installation team, and after-sale service. Also, the quick response time when answering email and calls is the considerate service of a company. The reasonable response time is between 24 to 48 hours, you know the jet lag is an irresistible factor. Choosing a company provides event location planning to ensure proper event flow and enhance the level your event venue. In addition, Shelter offers after-sale tracking to the clients. We will contact the event planner of the event effect and the using situation of the tent building.

Shelter service - event tent manufacturer
Shelter’s Experienced Team

Quality Inspection event tent manufacturer
Quality Inspection of Event Tent Material including The Thickness, Fire Retardant and Strength of PVC Membrane, The Hardness of Aluminum Alloy,

Products Quality
It is the most important factor to ensure the event will be successful or not. We have already published an article to distinguish the quality of event tent, check here. All of the event tents structures are made by hardpressed aluminum alloy frame which has the 30-year lifespan. And the material of covered membrane is double coated PVC polyester fabric which has the perfect performance in waterproof, UV resistance, and fire retardant (DIN 4102 B1 M2).

Cost is the decisive factor in budget controlled. Of course, the high-quality product has its own price. You should pay attention to some of the manufacturers who sell the tent product in low price. So how to decrease the budget in reliable tent quality. You need to ensure you have found a real manufacturer or just a tent agent. As the actual event tent manufacturer, Shelter has its own material and product line to reduce intermediate cost. Also, the project manager will offer the turnkey solution by their experienced site planning. In this case, your clients will control the budget effectively.

CNC Technology Event Tent Manufacturer
Shelter has its Own Produce Line of Event Tent.
We Could Reduce The Extra Commission.

30 by 40 tent with clear glass wall - 1000sqm clearspan tent for temporary conference hall

Product Offerings
Depend on different demand of your clients, you should choose a tent manufacturer which is providing wide product range. If the manufacturer does not have the item you need for your clients, you may find the other companies from the beginning. That will be a hard work. So you should confirm how many product series of the manufacturer you have found. In Shelter, we offer numerous product options including clear span structures and geodesic dome tent for any occasion. No matter your client is event management, wedding planner, industrial contractor, glamping resort owner or private user, they will find out the suitable product on our side.

Last but not least, delivery is the factor of time management. It is not an easy job to find out a reliable tent manufacturer in high reputation, high quality, high budget controlled and wide product series. If the delivery time can not be guaranteed within 24 hours after manufacturing and packing. That will not be an economical management anymore. In event planning, the venue is an important thing for the guests. You need to find a company which is in high effectiveness in designing, manufacturing and delivering.

Event Tent Manufacturer - Clear span structures delivery

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