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Build Geodesic Dome Tent Easily

Now, more and more event planners are glad to choose the geodesic dome as the commercial or wedding event venue. Like exhibition, pop-up shop, wedding banquet hall, branding, news products launches, temporary classroom even ice rink. With the unique appearance which like a shell, geodome tent will create an eye-catching structures to attract the visitors. Geodesic domes are easy to build from scratch provided you have the right materials and the willingness to follow instructions.

How to Build Geodesic Dome Tent STEP BY STEP

#1. Open the package which is including the main profile, steel connection, fixation kit and PVC membrane cover. You’d better make a classification on them according to the model number. Of course, if you buy geodesic dome from Shelter, we will send you the classified package.

#2. According to the size of the geodesic dome, you need to make a circular mark of the dimension. In addition, you need to decide the direction of the door.

#3. Start to build the profile tube from the door. Fixing the first lap base and then begin to build the first layer of triangular structures.

#4. Following the icon of the instruction and selecting the corresponding pipe. Installing the triangle construction on each layer until finish the frame on the top.

#5. Hanging up the cover fabric by crane first. And then tie the corner by rope. The most important step is covering the whole geodesic dome and put down gently. Of course, if you are building a small geodesic dome tent (dia. 3 – 10m), one or two men will finish this step. Crane will work for big geodesic dome tent (diameter over 10m).

#6. After the whole frame is covered by the PVC fabric, tightening the fabric with the steel base. Then, the installation of the geodesic dome is finished.

In general, the construction of the geodesic dome is quite simple when you follow the instruction. Like if you are setting dia. 4m geodesic dome (backyard dome, garden dome), you can finish by yourself within 4 hour. If you are setting large eco dome or living dome for the resort, Shelter will send our project manager and engineer for installation guidance. No need to worry about the installation, just enjoy this fabulous structures.

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