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Home -- Blogs -- Hoop Buildings Review: Functionality, Pros, Cons, FAQs

Hoop Buildings Review: Functionality, Pros, Cons, FAQs


Shirly combines her structural engineering expertise with strategic marketing skills, setting new benchmarks in the large tent industry.

Updated: April 12, 2024
Published: April 11, 2024


Hoop buildings are arched storage sheds made from a more lightweight aluminum frame. The special structure and frame design are more stable and reduce shaking. The door is designed to be an easy roll-up structure to ensure ventilation while protecting the cargo from damage. This article will introduce in detail the functions, advantages and disadvantages, applicable scenarios and factors to consider. Shelter-Structures aims to provide a comprehensive range of information to facilitate your purchase!
Hoop Buildings

Functionality of shelter structures hoop buildings

Improve storage capacity

Without column support of traditional construction, this provides great flexibility for storage. Whether it is agricultural supplies, construction materials or other large objects, they can be placed freely inside the arched building to maximize the use of space.

Provides large coverage

The height and span of the arched building can be customized as needed to meet storage needs of different sizes. The modular design allows for quick expansion or contraction of space to accommodate seasonal or temporary storage changes. The extended design of the arched roofs of hoop buildings achieves unobstructed long-span coverage, greatly improving storage efficiency.

Reliable protection

Hoop buildings use aluminum alloy as the frame. Aluminum has excellent oxidation resistance and is not susceptible to oxidation, corrosion and rust. It is a relatively corrosion-resistant metal and has a long life. Using T6 heat treatment process, the increased strength and hardness make the aluminum alloy more resistant to creep deformation at high temperatures. So the frame can provide long-term and effective protection for the goods.

Multi-scenario application

  • Storehouse
Whether storing produce, building materials, or other large items, vaulted buildings provide ample space and can be flexibly resized as needed. The arched building has good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent moisture and pest intrusion, ensuring the safety and quality of stored items.
  • Greenhouse
Hoop buildings provide an ideal environment for plant growth and tool storage. The temperature and humidity can be controlled in the greenhouse to provide suitable growing conditions for plants. The rolling shutter door can be lowered or rolled up at any time, providing sufficient light and ventilation for the plants.
  • Vehicle shed
Unlike pole tents, which are simple temporary parking sheds, hoop barns are a long-term parking solution. The sturdy aluminum alloy frame ensures its long service life. Waterproof and UV-resistant PVC tarp protects your vehicle from the elements.
Hoop buildings

Pros of shelter structures: hoop buildings


Hoop buildings mainly use aluminum alloy frames and PVC tarps. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance properties and is self-protective, requiring no additional coatings or preservatives. Shelter uses 6061-T6 model aluminum alloy. The strength of 6601 alloy is moderate, which ensures a certain load-bearing capacity without being too bulky. Through solid solution treatment and aging processes, the T6 heat treatment method significantly improves the yield strength and tensile strength of the alloy. Both determine that hoop buildings have a long service life.

Non-standard customization

Users can choose the size, color, materials and interior layout of hoop buildings, as well as additional accessories. Shelter currently has a 30,000-square-meter production base in Guangzhou, and its products are sold in more than 120 countries. We can meet any of your needs.

Sound after-sales service

Hoop barns that have been used for a long time will suffer some damage. The standards of various accessories in the market are not uniform, which causes great trouble in maintenance. Shelter adopts an integrated production system, and the accessories can be perfectly matched, so you no longer have to worry about after-sales issues.

Cons of shelter structures: hoop buildings

Requires timely maintenance

Tighten hoop barn roof fabric to avoid "hammocks" on the roof, and retighten once or twice after a few months of use. This is important when assembling in cold weather (fall and winter). The fabric is very stiff at low temperatures, and sunlight and warm weather will cause the fabric to "relax" again and require timely retightening.

Self-removal of snow

Although hoop buildings have a certain degree of curvature, during actual application, snow will appear on the top, which needs to be cleaned up in time to prevent excessive snow from causing damage to the PVC tarpaulin.

PVC tarpaulin needs to be replaced

The shelf life of PVC tarpaulin is three years, and the shelf life of aluminum profiles is fifteen years. When you need to use hoop buildings for a long time, the aluminum alloy frame does not need to be replaced, but the PVC tarpaulin needs to be replaced to prevent it from powdering and cracking.

More details of the material

Main Material
Hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy T6061 / T6
Stainless, Lightweight, Durable
Cover Fabric
Customizable options
Block-out PVC for Roof
PVC Coated Polyester Fabric
UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN4102 B1, M2)
Superior Enclosure with Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Features of hoop buildings

Snow Rating
1.77 kpa / 37 pounds per sq. foot
Wind Load
50 miles per hour
Fabric cover
PVC(Lifespan is about three years)
White, blue, green, army green, grey, or customized color
100% Waterproof


  1. How to clean and maintain hoop buildings?
Hoop buildings have certain self-cleaning capabilities and can be cleaned with a soft brush and neutral detergent. Pay attention to timely snow removal and regular inspections. If any damage or wear is found, repair or replace damaged parts promptly.
  1. If I want to build a hoop building that allows large equipment to enter and exit, what should I do in advance?
  • Identify the type, size, weight and operating requirements of large equipment.
  • Consider transportation convenience and geological conditions.
  • Select suitable building materials to ensure structural stability and durability.
  • Long-term maintenance plan including regular inspections, cleaning and necessary repair work.
  1. Can hoop buildings withstand heavy snow?
Its curved surface design allows snow to slide off, and it has a certain degree of resistance to wind and snow. But when heavy snow accumulates, it must be cleaned up in time to prevent the snow from crushing the tent.
  1. What is the service life of hoop buildings?
The service life depends on the quality of the material. The high-strength aluminum alloy frame has a lifespan of 15 years, the PVC tarpaulin has a lifespan of 3-5 years, and other small accessories only have a lifespan of one year. If you want to use it for a long time, you can replace the parts in time.
Hoop Horn


Hoop buildings can increase storage space and improve warehousing efficiency. It is durable and Shelter provides you with the best after-sales service guarantee. No matter what style or size of hoop buildings you need, Shelter's strong production team can meet your needs. Professional customized services and systematic after-sales services make you worry-free. It should also be noted that the tent should be maintained in time in bad weather to ensure a long service life. If you want to customize a special tent, contact us!
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