As the new launched products in Shelter, Shelter Dome always be the hottest tent type for any events. Including brand promotion, product launches, auto show, fashion show, temporary conference hall, children’s classroom, concert dome, wedding venue and festival celebration. At the same time, there are different common usage under geodesic domes in our daily life: lounge tent in the backyard, camping, family gathering.




Numerous Usage Under Geodomes

Commercial Event / Brand Promotion
As its customized design from size and style, geodomes are used to be the brand events usually. In addition, we can design the unique cutting for your brand logo and name by CNC Cutting Machine.

Private Backyard Lounge
Not only commercial events, geodome are suitable in backyard lounge also. With different fixation methods, you can install the tent on any surface like cement land, tile floors, grassland, and sandland. With the unique and elegant exterior, you can use it for your backyard relaxation venue, yoga hall, gym room and greenhouse.

Camping Resort
You can get a special experience under Shelter Dome. With the weather protection design, the features of our geodomes are waterproof, wind resistant, UV resistant and European standard fire retardant(DIN4102, B1, M2). You can enjoy your camping in any weather and location.

Outdoor Wedding Venue / Family Gathering
The diameter of geodomes can be optional from 3 meter to 40 meter. You can select the size flexibly depend on the capacity. From luxury wedding banquet to small family barbecue party, you can decorate the tents interior by your willing.

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