Wide Geodesic Dome Application – Any Occasion, Any Location, Any Weather

Want to improve the visiting of the events? The geodesic dome is the perfect solution in attracting more “eyeball” for the numerous occasion including the large carnival, commercial events, product launch, new technology sharing, gathering in farm and more.
The size of geodesic dome tents can be optional from 3 to 100m for any capacities. In addition, spherical dome tent is popular by its superior features: flexible size option, cost-effective solution, relocatable construction.

Outdoor Restaurant
The dream of enjoying the delicious food and beautiful view at the same time will come true under transparent dome tent. Using transparent PVC fabric or glass panel to be cover create an incredible memory for your guests. That will be great for your restaurant, campsite or even backyard!

SHELTER Geodesic Dome - Restaurant Dome Tent - Transparent Spherical Tent for Sale -3

Projection Show
With the spherical design, the geodesic dome will create immersive projection version. Setting tensioned cloth and sound insulation layer create the perfect platform for 360-degree surround projection. Projection show is in the wide application for the different occasion including educational institutions, traditional culture sharing, commercial promotion, business conference, new product trial and more.

SHELTER Projection Dome - Geodesic Dome for 4D Light Show -1_Jc

Pop-up Shop
What is the most important thing for retail business? Traffic! The mobile Pop-up store is the new format which can increase the traffic and eyeball in a short time for goods retailing and new products promotion. Such kinds of retailing format are currently popular in US, Japan, UK and other countries. The brand owners will set up the shop in some hot sports like subway, shopping mall, and flea market. The geodesic dome will be the perfect solution for removing, transporting and attracting.

Shelter Geodesic Dome - Dia. 10m Pop Up Dome - Geodome Tents for Sale -3

Since the spherical design, the geodesic dome will be the perfect greenhouse for plants. The sunlight can come into the hall by the transparent skylight. At the same time, the openable window will create a ventilation space. The geodesic greenhouse can be built as plants plaza in farm, school, and garden.

Shelter Transparent Geodesic Dome - Greenhouse Dome Structures

Glamping Living
Now, more and more people want to live in the environment-friendly hotel to relax their minds. And glamping living campsite and jungle resort is raising in a rapid manner. Building geodesic dome with completed decoration creates a warm living space for the customer. The waterproof and UV resistance cover membrane offers weather protection during the rain and windy day. For more comfortable experience, you can set up insulation layer, air conditioner, exhausted fans, skylight, ventilation windows, chimney and more inside the dome tent.

6m Glass dome house Geo Domes 8m geodesic dome Shelter Dome (18)

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