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Shelter Structures Flat-Roof Tent

Flat-Roof Tent Overview

Selecting an appropriate location is especially crucial when organizing an exhibition, function, or party. For events, flat-top tents can offer ample room for advertising and a distinctive look that will draw more attendees. To increase the event's publicity impact, a variety of phrases and brand logos can be printed on its expansive advertising hoardings. Simultaneously, the tent's distinctive design and shape can enhance the event's highlights and attractions.

large event tent

Characteristics Of The Flat-Top Tent Design

With a roof angle of 5° instead of the 18° of a gable roof tent, the flat roof of a flat-top tent is flatter than a flat roof in the traditional sense. The flat-top tent appears flatter and more straightforward thanks to this design.

A flat-top tent's roof may be fully covered by adding a perimeter design, which improves the tent's stability and safety while also offering an area for individualized personalization. Customized edge fabrics that are spray-painted can be used to install the edges, depending on your needs. This not only makes the tent more attractive and enhances its ability to be adorned and incorporated into different settings, but it also offers a perfect way to promote events and brands. commercial real estate. To get more people to pay attention and participate, the brand logo, event topic, or slogan can be printed in vibrant colors and graphics on the edge fabric using inkjet printing.

Using Expandable Roof Cloth In Tents With A Flat Top

When confronting intense rain or snowfall, it is possible for water or snow to collect on top of flat-top tents due to their low roof slope. The tent's internal use and structure may be negatively impacted by this circumstance.The tent's internal use and structure may be negatively impacted by this circumstance.

However, Shelter Structures provides an efficient way to employ inflatable roof fabrics with flat-top tents.

flat roof tent
A rendering of the event tent

The Inflated Top Sheet Design And Function

With an inflatable cavity in the middle, the double-layer PVC material used in the inventive design of the Inflatable Flat Top Canopy is welded together. Because of its construction, the canopy can swell like a balloon while keeping its stability and form.

The canopy is fastened in certain slots in the aluminum frame during erection; this installation is conventional and resembles that of a regular canopy.

By using specialized air pressure regulating equipment, the inflatable flat roof canopy's internal air pressure may be kept between 0.2 and 0.3 bar, which helps to preserve its shape and prevent over-inflation or distortion. The canopy's shuttle-like structure, when inflated, allows for easier drainage and can endure snow accumulation.

Special Benefits Of An Inflatable Flat Roof Canopy Include

1.Strong snow load capacity: In regions with frequent snow seasons, its exceptional structural stability makes it able to bear larger snow loads.

2.Effective Drainage: The double-layered structure of the canopy forms natural gutters in the center, which aid in the speedy removal of snow and water.

3.Better aesthetics: Compared to conventional canopies, the canopy's distinctive design makes any occasion more beautiful.

4.Heat insulation: Because of the air layer positioned between the two layers of the construction, inflatable flat roof tents offer good heat insulation.

As a result, through the use of inflatable roof fabrics, flat-top canopies are able to effectively address the accumulation of water or snow in the face of heavy rainfall or snowfall, thus ensuring their functionality and integrity. This design not only enhances the practicality of the canopy, but also improves its aesthetics, making it even more popular in these areas.

Introduction To Standards For A Flat-Roof Tent

You can take into account various criteria, like the size of your site, the installation requirements, and your budget, while selecting a flat-roof tent. With spans ranging from 10 to 25 meters, the two primary profiles of Shelter Structures's flat-roof tents in the FP series are 120*200*4mm and 112*203*4mm.

flat-roof tent Series Parameters
Model Main Profile Gable Span Side Height Eave Height Roof Angle Unit Interval Wind Load Snow Load
FP10-200 120*200*4mm 10m;5m interval 4m 5m 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
FB15-200 120*200*4mm 15m;5m interval 4m 5m 5m 0.5kN/㎡ 0.25kN/㎡
FB20-200 120*200*4mm 20m;5m interval 4m 5m 5m 0.4kN/㎡ 0.2kN/㎡
FB25-200 120*200*4mm 25m;5m interval 4m 5m 5m 0.35kN/㎡ 0.2kN/㎡
FB10-203 112*203*4mm 10m;5m interval 4m 5m 5m 0.5kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
FB15-203 112*203*4mm 15m;5m interval 4m 5m 5m 0.45kN/㎡ 0.25kN/㎡
FB20-203 112*203*4mm 20m;5m interval 4m 5m 5m 0.35kN/㎡ 0.2kN/㎡
FB25-203 112*203*4mm 25m;5m interval 4m 5m 5m 0.3kN/㎡ 0.2kN/㎡

An inflated top fabric serves as the flat-top tent's upper covering. Traditional PVC tarpaulin can be used as the surrounding protection, or other hard walls, such as glass or ABS, that are typical of the Shelter Structures herringbone tent can be added.

Application Scenarios Of Flat Top Tent

1.Commercial advertising: Provide a sizable space for noticeable advertisements that is appropriate for brand exhibition and outdoor advertising.

2.Temporary point of sale: facilitates the setting up of temporary shops in shopping malls and on the streets, which is convenient for consumers to shop.

3.Event Venue: suitable for organising various events such as music festivals, exhibitions and sports events.

high end event tents


In summary, with its versatility, convenience and safety, inflatable flat roof tents play an important role in a variety of outdoor activities and temporary construction projects, making them an ideal choice for brand display and event organisation.

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