PVC Fabric Colors

Customize Your Own Fabric Color!

PVC fabric has the characteristics of waterproof, wear-resistant, weather-resistant, easy to clean, rich colors, etc. It is a high-performance fabric material widely used in outdoor sunshade, waterproof, dustproof and other fields.

  • Waterproof The PVC coating texture is smooth and flat. When water drops fall on the surface area of the material, the water grains will certainly glide off promptly with a flick, which can effectively stop wetness infiltration.
  • Resilience Fabrics generated from high-density polyethylene lead various other traditional fabrics in regards to breaking toughness, tearing stamina and tear elongation. PVC fabric has superb sturdiness and can stand up to lasting usage and repeated extending without being quickly put on or fractured.
  • Easy to cleanse PVC textile has a smooth surface area and is challenging to absorb dirt, making it very easy to tidy.
  • Weather resistance PVC fabric has strong weather condition resistance, can withstand the disintegration of ultraviolet rays, acids and alkalis and other chemical substances, and is challenging to age.
  • Rich colors PVC textile can be made right into different shades and patterns through dyeing or printing, and it is not easy to discolor when revealed to sun and rain.

Fabric Colors

If you want to customize your own fabric color, you can contact our professional team.

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