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our professionally designed tent structures tailored for corporate Event and commercial Space

Multi-Arch Tent House

As event planners, exhibition operators, or sports event organizers, do you ever feel that continually using A-frame tent houses as event venues lacks novelty and fails to meet the height requirements of the entire activity area? The multi-arch tent house, as an upgraded version of the A-frame tent house, is designed to meet these needs. Let’s explore what makes the multi-arch tent house special

Multi-Arch Waterproof tent

Why Choose a Multi-Arch Tent House?

Comparison between gable tents and multi-arch tents
A-Frame Tents Multi-Arched Tents
Appearance Style Conservative Trendy
Floor Space Usage High High
Spatial Utilization High in middle, low on sides Higher overall
Roof Angle Constant Multiple angles
Structural Strength Standard Stronger
Flexibility Span and length adjustable Span, length, angle adjustable
Column Angle Perpendicular to ground Perpendicular, obtuse or acute angle
Brand Impact Average Stronger

1.Shelter Structures's Multi-Arch Tent House (DP Series)
Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance: Moving away from mundane straight lines, the multi-arch structure of Shelter Structures's tent houses makes them visually more attractive. The distinctive polygonal arch structure not only captivates the eye but also revolutionizes the use of space. This architectural marvel elevates the aesthetic appeal of events and exhibitions, turning them into focal points of interest.

large event tent

2.Optimizing Space with Ingenious Design
The polygonal arch's unique roof angles and flexible design allow for exceptional space utilization. Even near structural supports, the clearance is generous. This design is especially advantageous for activities requiring ample vertical space. Take badminton as an example: a standard A-frame tent of 40m span and 15m length accommodates just one court due to its 4m side height. However, a similarly sized polygonal arch tent can house three courts with ease, offering both increased height and a more comfortable setting.

Multi-Arch Waterproof tent

3.DP Series: Adaptable and Versatile Solutions
The DP Series, with its range spanning from 15m to 60m, caters to a diverse array of needs. The series' adaptability extends to custom options. Users can tailor everything from the bearing columns to the arch angles, ensuring each tent fits its intended purpose perfectly.

S Series Frame Parameters
Profile Main Profile Gable Span Side Height Top Height Roof Angle Combination Unit Interval Wind Load Snow Load
DP15~DP25-200 120*200*4mm 15~25m;5m interval 4m 7.3m~9.4m 33° , 11° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
DP15~DP30-250 120*250*4mm 15~30m;5m interval 4m 7.4m~10m 33° , 11° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
DP20~DP40-300 120*300*5mm 20~40m;5m interval 4m 8m~12.2m 33° , 11° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
DP30~DP50-350 120*350*5mm 30~50m;5m interval 4m 10.1m~14.3m 33° , 11° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
DP40~DP60-400 120*400*6mm 40~60m;5m interval 4m 12.3m~16.5m 33° , 11° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
Multi-Arch Waterproof tent
Extension and Customization: Tailoring to Every Need
Multi-Arch Waterproof tent
multi-arch tents for various events

Shelter Structures's multi-arch tents stand out for their customizability. Extensions and alterations accommodate various event types and sizes, demonstrating the tents' unparalleled flexibility.

Multi-Arch Waterproof tent

4.Durability and Strength: Constructed with high-strength aluminum alloy, the multi-arch tent houses are unquestionably corrosion-resistant. In addition to the main frame made of high-strength aluminum alloy, key joints where angles change are reinforced with specially customized galvanized steel inserts. Precise processing ensures that each angle is accurate, maintaining the overall structure and providing excellent wind and snow resistance, ensuring smooth operation of events in various weather conditions..

5.Easy Assembly and Disassembly: Leveraging years of experience in tent design, Shelter Structures has systematized the modular design of the DP Series. Despite the more complex shape compared to A-frame tents, the installation process involves only a few additional connection points. Each joint is bolted, allowing for quick, efficient installation with minimal technical demands on the staff. The modular design also makes assembly and disassembly convenient, with components and fabric that can be stacked and stored in a small space, allowing you to schedule the erection and dismantling of your multi-arch tent house according to different seasons and types of events.

Key to Quality Control: Advanced Processing Techniques

The biggest difference between the roofs of multi-arch and A-frame tent houses is the increased number of turning points in the former, which are critical control points. The varying angles of these joints can significantly affect the appearance and stability of the structure. Shelter Structures pays close attention to this issue, using CNC machines for processing aluminum alloy and constantly updating equipment for precision and quality.Aluminum Alloy Processing Techniques Comparison

Aluminum alloy processing technology comparison
Traditional Processing Multi-Arched Tent Processing
Cutting Manual CNC
Drilling Manual CNC
Milling Manual Custom milling mold
Summary Lower precision, larger error Higher precision, smaller error

The Art of Precision: CNC Machining in Crafting Multi-Arch Tent Houses
In the world of architectural innovation, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining emerges as a cornerstone, seamlessly blending computer-aided design with precision manufacturing. The creation of these multi-arch tents is an art form. Employing CNC machining, this process achieves a precision reminiscent of an artist's touch. This technology ensures every curve and angle embodies modern engineering's pinnacle, blending efficiency with meticulous accuracy.

Why Is The Multi-Arch Tent House More Economical?

1.A New Stage for Sports: More than mere shelters, these tents are arenas for athletic excellence, ensuring no game is hindered by weather or wind.

2.Cultural and Artistic Platforms: These tents transform into stages for cultural narratives, perfect for hosting anything from captivating theater productions to energetic concerts.

Multi-Arch Waterproof tent

3.Exhibition and Expo Hubs: As temporary pavilions, they offer a flexible space for showcasing innovation and creativity, adaptable for various exhibition themes.

Multi-Arch Waterproof tent

4.Agricultural and Livestock Sanctuaries: With options for transparent fabric, these tents foster growth in agriculture and livestock, providing an environment conducive to a range of agricultural needs.

5.Industrial Versatility: In the industrial realm, they morph into functional spaces like offices, warehouses, and workshops, adaptable with customizable walls.

6.Disaster Relief Shelters: In emergencies, these tents are more than structures; they are beacons of hope, quickly deployable as relief centers or temporary shelters. Their structural design, particularly adept at dispersing seismic forces, offers stability and safety, essential in mitigating the impact of disasters.

The Broad Spectrum of Multi-Arch Tent Houses
Multi-arch tent houses stretch the boundaries of conventional use, opening up a world where the only limit is one's imagination. These structures are far more than mere shelters; they are chameleons of space, adaptable to an array of scenarios. Whether it's a bustling trade show, a serene yoga retreat, or a dynamic sports event, these tents morph to fit the occasion. Their inherent ability to be customized lends them the versatility to align with diverse requirements, making them ideal for any unique or unconventional setting.

multi-arch tent house application In trade show

In Essence: Multi-Arch Tent Houses Redefined

According to the above description of the Multi-Arched Tent, the design features of this tent are mainly reflected in the solid structure, high-quality materials, advanced connection methods, flexible and changeable, and the large internal space has a better use experience. This makes the product of multi-arched tents in the solution of temporary space has different advantages from other products and extremely wide application scenarios. As a large-scale event tent, SALT's Multi-Arched Tent series is worth having!

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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