Dia. 20m & 25m Event Dome for Outdoor Charitable Activities

With the unique exterior of event domes, Shelter provides 3 geodesic dome tents to support BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education. From designing and producing car, BMW always focus on children’s safety. Shelter also put the stable structures into the most important position during manufacturing. As the leading clear span tents supplier in China, we are determined to product the high quality structures to support all kinds of events.

Event Dome Tent with High Quality Material

Shelter always selects materials carefully and strictly. We are determined to set up a safe structures for our clients not only an eye-catching exterior. High quality steel tube will offer us an stable and reliable frame of the tent.

Also PVC fabric is our consideration of the tent. The feature of our PVC fabric is waterproof, UV Resistant and fire retardant (DIN 4102, B1, M2). We take into account not only the usual weather conditions, but also the possibility strong winds, snowfall, hail or heavy rain. Only by considering all possibilities can we be sure that the geodesic domes are stable and safe.



Main Frame Material:

  • Powder Coated Steel Pipe Q235 Φ26x2mm, Φ32x3mm, Φ42x3mm, Φ50x3mm; Aluminum Pipe is optional.

Cover Density:

  • 850g/m² & 650g/m² PVC Fabric

Steel Components:

  • Hot Galvanized Surface(>60urm)


  • Fire retardant(DIN 4102 B1/M2); Weather resistant; Shock Resistant; Relocatable
Diameter (m) Ridge Height (m) Frame Pipe Size (mm)
6 3 φ20 x 1.5
10 5 φ32 x 2
15 7.5 φ38 x 2
20 10 φ48 x 3
25 12.5 φ32 x 2
30 13 φ60 x 3
35 14 φ60 x 3
40 15 φ76 x 4


Dia. 10m Geodome Tent
Dia. 15m Geodesic Dome
Dia. 15m Geodesic Dome
Customized Color Fabric
Dia. 20m Dome Tent
Full Transparent Cover
Dia. 25m Dome Tent
Clear PVC Windows Cutting

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