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Drive-thru Testing Tents For Convid-19

Recently, increasing drive-thru testing sites are needed to fully understand the scope of the public health situation. Though many vehicle emissions test buildings are converted to the drive-thru test sites, some cities face a shortage of drive-thru sites. Therefore, Shelter suggests launching drive-thru testing tents to make it quicker and safer to test people for the new Covid-19. Once whose virus-testing result is positive, the medical staff can get him/her quarantined in the field hospital.

Firstly, drive-thru virus testing tents allow citizens with the syndrome to drive up to get tested. This way can give the ability to check on more people. Secondly, staying in the car guarantee safety than being directly exposure time outside for a long time.

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Why Choose Shelter Drive-thru Testing Tents?

◆ Fast Installation. Following the installation guide, it just takes one day or a few days (Large tent) to complete the construction. Therefore, time-saving tents are ideal choices to increase temporary drive-thru center in a very short time.

◆ Easy To Deploy. As prefabricated shelter tents, drive-through testing tents are made by different building kits. And these building kits make it possible to deploy the drive-thru testing tents easily after the coronavirus outbreak.

◆ Weather-Resistant. Firstly, a sturdy structure made by high-quality galvanized steel can withstand 100km/h strong winds. Secondly, covered water-proof membrane can keep a clean and dry environment. Lastly, the membrane roof can provide a relatively cool shelter place to store medical resources on hot sunny days.

Drive-Thru Testing Tents For Convid-19-Shetler-emergency tent

⇨ Where Can I Install The Drive-through Testing Tent?

There is no limitation of location for the drive-thru testing tents. That is to say, you can install anywhere it is needed.

⇨ Who Can Install The Drive-through Testing Tent?

Adults with relative experience before can easily complete the installation just by following the guide Shelter attached to the package. Also, you can check our installation videos.

⇨ How Long Does It Take To Install Drive-thru Tent?

The total installation time largely depends on the size. If you can tell us what size do you want, we can tell you the exact installation time for free. Get a free quote now!

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Advantages Of Drive-thru Virus Testing Tents

Strong Resistance

Comply with the flame retardant standard of DIN 4102 B2 and NFPA 701. Remarkable performance in high-speed wind withstands and snow load.

Temperature Control

Configurable with air-conditioners or heaters to maintain a comfortable environment even under harsh conditions.

Easy Set Up and Transport

Can be easily crane lifted and installed on any ground surface. Easy and effective to transport as its modular structures.


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Timely Delivery

SHELTER is open and operating normally since February. Our raw materials are fully stocked. And the emergency order will be prioritized in production schedule.

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