Double-Decker Tent

Double-Decker Tent

A double-decker tent occupies the same ground area as a conventional tent but offers twice the usable space of a standard single-layer tent. It can accommodate twice the number of spectators in the VIP viewing area during major competitions. Whether it's a world-class sports event or a national sporting competition, space is often limited. The double-decker tent expands the space in such areas, allowing more spectators to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere of the sporting competition.

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Structural Design Differences

large event tent in the stadium, double decker tent

1.Additional Support Columns and Braces: To ensure overall structural stability and the load-bearing capacity of the second floor, support columns and steel braces matching the main profile specifications are placed every 5 meters on the first level. The support columns and beams on the first level form a frame structure, enhancing the overall strength, rigidity, and seismic resistance, thereby increasing the load-bearing capacity of the second floor. On this sturdy structural base, a portal frame structure, similar to a conventional tent, is built. The second floor structure does not need middle columns, maximizing the use of 100% of the second-floor space while ensuring structural stability.

2.Increased Use of Rigid Connections: Except for the hinged connection between the load-bearing columns and the base for ease of installation, all second-floor beams, ground steel beams, roof square tubes, and eave square tubes of the double-decker tent are rigidly connected. Additional steel parts are added at joint connections, connected by screws. This change in connection method allows the transfer of bending moments and shear forces between beams and columns, as opposed to hinges that only transfer shear forces. This effectively supports heavier loads. The most suitable connection methods for double-decker tents are used at different joints, allowing for easier assembly of the gable frame on the ground before erecting other connecting components with bolts, reducing construction difficulty while ensuring structural strength.

3.Two Roof Angle Designs: The double-decker tent's roof angle can be the standard 18°, offering a higher and more spacious second level. If used as a viewing area or exhibition area for events, it may be necessary to add billboards or borders on the roof. If the conventional pitched roof angle is used, the overall height of the tent becomes too high, making the billboards or roof borders appear disproportionate. Therefore, the roof angle is reduced to 5° in the double-decker tent, lowering the overall height and making billboards and roof borders more prominent.

Common Accessories for Double-Decker Tents

1.Aluminum Alloy Stairs for Event and Office Use: In the bustling world of events and office setups, safety and elegance go hand in hand. Our U-shaped and L-shaped aluminum alloy stairs are more than just access points; they're design statements. With their anti-slip design, they ensure the safety of attendees rushing to catch a keynote speech at a corporate event or sports fans excitedly moving to their seats. The sleek handrails, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, are a testament to our commitment to quality - durable, easy to maintain, and versatile for both indoor and outdoor settings.

model rendering of a double-layer outdoor event tent
Double-decker tent for event

2.Aluminum Alloy Railings: Enhancing Sports and Event Spaces: Imagine a VIP section at a sports event or an exclusive outdoor gathering at a corporate retreat, bordered with our lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy railings. These aren't just safety features; they're an integral part of the ambiance. The option to incorporate tempered glass in the middle railings transforms any space - be it a high-stakes sports event or an elite corporate function - into an elegant, visually appealing environment.

outdoor event's banquet space

3.Inflatable Roof Cloth: The Game-Changer for Outdoor Events and Sports Venues: When you're hosting an event or a sports tournament, the last thing you want is the weather playing spoilsport. Our inflatable roof cloth, a marvel of engineering with its double-layer PVC and inflatable bladder, not only combats the elements but does so with flair. The shuttle shape formed upon inflation doesn't just offer aesthetic appeal; it's a functional design that ensures no rain or snow ruins the day. It's particularly beneficial for outdoor corporate events or sports matches where weather unpredictability can be a major concern.

4.Card-Type Flooring: The Versatile Solution for Offices and Events: In a fast-paced event setting or a dynamic office environment, installation time is of the essence. Our card-type flooring, pre-assembled and easy to transport, is the epitome of efficiency. Its modular design allows for quick assembly, making it ideal for temporary office spaces or events that need quick setup and teardown. The seamless integration of these floors into our double-decker tents means event organizers and office managers can create a stable, reliable surface in no time.

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5.Tent Fabric Printing: To match different competitions and integrate the double-decker tent into the event or activity atmosphere, PVC film can be printed upon request. In addition to standard printing techniques, for those seeking higher clarity and more vibrant print effects, UV printing technology is available. This technology achieves high-precision printing with up to 1440dpi resolution, producing fine, lifelike images. The ink, cured by ultraviolet light, ensures durability and scratch resistance of the prints, making them capable of withstanding harsh outdoor environments.

Specifications of Double-Decker Tents

When choosing a double-decker tent, consider the size of your venue, installation requirements, and budget constraints. Smaller-span tents are easier to install and adapt to different sites, while larger-span tents require larger sites and more structural support. The DB series of double-decker tents from Celt use a main profile of 1203005mm, with spans ranging from 10 meters to 30 meters. Both the first and second floors of the tent have a height of 4 meters.

DB Tent Series Parameters
Model Main Profile Gable Span Side Height Eave Height Peak Height Roof Angle Unit Interval Wind Load Snow Load
DB10 120*300*5mm 10m;5m interval 4m 8m 8.6m 5°、18° 5m 0.5kN/㎡ 0.2kN/㎡
DB15 120*300*5mm 15m;5m interval 4m 8m 8.8m 5°、18° 5m 0.5kN/㎡ 0.2kN/㎡
DB20 120*300*5mm 20m;5m interval 4m 8m 9m 5°、18° 5m 0.5kN/㎡ 0.2kN/㎡
DB25 120*300*5mm 25m;5m interval 4m 8m 9.2m 5°、18° 5m 0.5kN/㎡ 0.2kN/㎡
DB30 120*300*5mm 30m;5m interval 4m 8m 9.5m 5°、18° 5m 0.5kN/㎡ 0.2kN/㎡
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Applications of Double-Decker Tents

Double-decker tent for Event

1.As a viewing area in sports events: The double-decker tent, equipped with outdoor balconies, transparent side cloths, or glass curtain walls, along with comfortable chairs and air conditioning indoors, offers a more expansive career and comfortable viewing experience for spectators.

2.As offices: With 200% space utilization, Celt's double-decker tents are ideal for office areas. Using support columns on the first floor in combination with rigid walls for partitioning, they can be divided into various functional areas, serving as separate offices and meeting rooms. The second floor's interior space, free of additional columns, is perfect for an open-plan office.

3.As dormitory buildings: The interior structure of the double-decker tent is highly flexible. Additional support columns and wall panels can divide the area into separate sections. The exterior walls, made of rock wool composite panels, offer excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation, suitable for temporary dormitories.

4.As exhibition halls: The second-floor area of the double-decker tent can be hollowed out as needed, making it suitable for displaying large exhibits, with visitors able to view them up close from the second floor.

Double-decker tent


The double-decker tent offers higher space utilization and is suitable for various applications, including events, activities, living, and office work.

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