Glamping Dome House with Glass Panel

If you are looking for a unique and privacy dome building for camping in resort, hotel or campsite, then Shelter glass dome in an ideal solution. The glass dome house’s structure is composed of aluminum alloy profile which is connecting assembly into triangle structure. Giving the stability and strength basic frame for your glamping dome.
We take into account not only the usual weather situation but also the possibility of strong winds, heavy rain or snow. So we have a series strict quality inspection of our material including the hardness of the frame and thickness of the covered glass panel.

Specification of Dia. 6m Dome House

Project: Camping Resort in Areshan, Inner Mongolia

Cover: Glass Panel in 2mm Thickness

Frame: Aluminum Alloy Profile

Accessories: Single Aluminum Door, Sidewall Windows, Transparent Skylight, Wooden Floor, Curtain

Diameter: 6m (20′)

Height: 3m (10′)

Area: 28.26sqm (304sqft)

  • Main Structures of Glass Dome Tent


    Frame Structures

    • Materal: Hardpressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6;
    • Features: Stainless, Durable, Lightweight;
    • Connection: Round Net Base, Steel Connectors.

    Covered Material

    • Cover Option: Reinforced Glass, Polycarbonate Panel, Aluminum Composite Panel, Solar Panel;
    • Shape: Triangle Pieces;
    • Color: Dark Gray, Drak Green; Blue, Balck, Tailormade Colors.
  • Size Option of Glass Dome House

    Diameter Covered Area Size Tent Height Frame Pipe Size Capacity
    4m / 13ft 12.56sqm / 135.19sq ft 2.3m / 7.5ft 40 x 36mm 8 – 12
    5m / 16ft 19.63sqm / 221.30sq ft 2.9m / 9.5ft 13 – 20
    6m / 20ft 28.26sqm / 304.19sq ft 3m / 9.8ft 18 – 28
    7m / 22ft 38.48sqm / 414.20sq ft 3.5m / 11.4ft 25 – 38
    8m / 26ft 50.24sqm / 540.78sq ft 4m / 13.1ft 33 – 50
    9m / 30ft 63.59sqm / 684.48sq ft 4m / 13.1ft 42 – 63
    10m / 32ft 78.50sqm / 844.97sq ft 4.4m / 14.4ft 53 – 78
    15m / 50ft 176.6sqm / 1900.91sq ft 6.7m / 21.9ft 117 – 176
    20m / 65ft 314sqm / 3379.87sq ft 11.1sqm / 36.4ft 200 – 300
    25m / 82ft 490.6sqm / 5280.78sq ft 12.5m / 41.0ft 320 – 490
    30m / 100ft 706.5sqm / 7604.70sq ft 15m / 49.2ft 470 – 700
  • Stardard Accessories of Glass Domes


    Transparent Skylight

    Auto Openable Windows

    Aluminum Door

    Wooden Floor



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