Custom Geodesic Dome for Any Occasion

With the development of geodesic dome tent, more and more people want to make some unique geodome design for special events or glamping. What kinds of customized design can be achieved? Today, we will show you the customized option of geodesic dome tents.

Design Your Custom Geodesic Dome with These Options

Size (Diameter)

In ordinary range, the diameter can be optional from 3m to 50m. However, for large events, the capacity is not enough in this range. Shelter introduces the SHELTER DOME PLUE (Diameter from 50m to 100m) to meet the large capacity. And we have made the 3D Mock Up for the design, welcome to consult or get a quote of our Dome Plus.

Material (Frame & Cover Membrane)

The main construction of our geodesic dome tent is frame and cover membrane. The ordinary frame structures are made by hard pressed galvanized steel tube which is durable and stainless. If you are looking for higher safety structures, aluminum alloy frame is a good option for it. Building geodesic dome in the wooden frame is the ideal solution in the hot climate. The wooden frame is good at heat and cold insulation.

For cover membrane, you can choose PVC fabric or hard panel to be the shell of your geodesic dome tent. Of course, the installation method and shape of the frame (round tube for fabric dome and square profile for glass dome) will be different. In PVC fabric, Shelter provides 3 options for it: block-out PVC in the different color, transparent PVC and front transparent PVC. For the hard panel, transparent glass panel and colorful PC panel in triangle shape are the ordinary options.
Custom Geodesic Dome Tent
Application Customization

For different occasions, Shelter provides turnkey solution for any events. If you want to hold projection show for 500 people, we will suggest you build dia. 30m dome tent with white cover fabric. In addition, we will provide pure white health cloth and sound insulation layer as interior accessories. Also, Shelter has been the dome tents supplier for many kinds of application like Intel launches, BMW tour, exhibition in the UK, glamping resort, wedding banquet, backyard lounge, pop-up shop and more.
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