Clear Span Aluminum Tent Structures – Fabric Event Tents

Canton Fair – Clear Span Event Tent

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Sports Lounge – Double Decker Tent

Intel Product Launch – Shelter Dome

Philippines Carnival – 6m Height Arch Tent

US Surfing Open – Thermo Roof Tent

Luxury Wedding Hall – Fabric Structures

Temporary Warehouse – Storage Tent

Shelter Tennis Court Cover - Football Canopy - Sports Structures
Sports Structures – Tennis Court Canopy

Features of Tensile Structure

  • No Pole inside – Clear View of Interior Space
    Different from traditional pole tents, clearspan structures are more flexible in decoration, equipment and other accessories arrangement.
  • Modularity – Any Design You Want
    With the professional modular construction, you can make any roof design including classic “A” frame, curved roof, “heart” shape, thermo roof system and even combination.
  • Unlimited in Size
    Whether you want 3 meter (10’) or 60 meter (200’), you can select any frame to accommodate your events. In addition, You can decrease or increase the tent’s lenght by 3 / 5m bay.
  • Fast Set-up and Disassemble
    Compare with other building, clear span tents are designed into transportable and modular parts. This building can be installed easily like block and stored into small pieces.
  • Weather Protection
    Clear span tents have a weather-resistant design and prevent the wind and the rain from ruining your event. The vinyl fabric covering these tents is sturdy and waterproof.
  • Numerous Options – Any accessories are allowed when you select clear span tent. Including:
    • Door: PVC Fabric, Glass Door, Aluminum Door, Sliding Door;
    • Windows: Glass Wall, PVC Windows;
    • Floor: Wooden Floor, Cassette Floor;
    • Simple Decoration: Lining, Curtain, Carpet;
    • Others: Air Conditioner, Ventilation Windows;
    • Fixation: Expansion Bolt, Steel Stake Weight Basket.

Application of Fabric Structures

Wedding Marquees

Shelter Clear Span Wedding Marquees are available in a variety of different shapes and size to support any capacity. Span size option from 3 to 60 meter (10′ – 200′) and unlimited in lenght.

Festival Tent

With the clear span design, fabric structures are flexible in capacity and equipment and other accessories arrangement. The capacity is available from 100 – 1000 ppl. For beer festival, anniversary celebration, backyard party, family gathering and more.

Commercial Tent

With its unique exterior, Shelter Dome is the ideal solution not only for any commercial events like brand promotion, product launches, temporary store fashion show, but also for private usage including wedding hall, backyard lounge, birthday party or fishing canopy.

Exhibition / Trade Show Tent

As weather-resistant design, there are high protection for your event under temporary clear span tents. The covered fabric is sturdy and waterproof and the windload can up to 120km/h. In addtion, double decker structures will be your ideal solution when you have limited land area.

Sports Lounge Tent

Tensile Structure is popular in many sporting events with its durable, relocatable and transportable features. For lounge hall, reception space, training venue and security entrance.

Warehouse / Storage Tents

Shelter fabric buildings (warehouse tent) will be the perfect solution for long-term or temporary storage using. For increasing the capacity, connecting two or more clear span tent by rain gutter in same quality PVC fabric.

Aircraft Hangar Structures

Shelter Tensioned Fabric Structures are the perfect solution for temporary or permanent aviation usage: aircraft hangar for parking and repair, temporary airport terminals, helicopter warehouse and more

Military Shelter

Shelter tensile fabric structures are ideal solution for army usage: military lounge hall, camping, control room, temporary conference hall, broadcast room and more.

Top-class Quality & Professional Service in Shelter Tent

Pre-sale Service


  • Online-Inquiry: We will take care your project online within 24h.
  • Turnkey Solution: Our sales will offer the turnkey solution and detailed price according to your requirement.



Design & Mock-up


  • Customized Design: Our technology will show you the basic structures for your wish. In addition, customized design is allowed in Shelter including the height, bay distance, shape, fabric printing and more.
  • Mock-up: After the basic frame design, we will show you the 2D Rendering. Bring your idea into reality.


CNC Technology

In order to ensure the accuracy of production, we introduced the German CNC technology.

  • CNC Drilling: Increasing the accuracy of aluminum alloy frame.
  • CNC Cutting: Experienced technology in pattern cutting like brand logo and clear windows.


Installation Testing


We guarantee that each solution will work out for your event. We have professional teams take care of quality test and installation test before shipping.

Package & Delivery


  • Considerate Package:
    • Aluminum frame packed in membrane film.
    • Roof and sidewall in professional PVC carry bag.
    • Hardware packed in wooden case.
  • Worldwide Delivery: Door to door shipping service.


Fire Retardance Testing

PVC Fabric Fire Retardant according to: DIN4102 B1, M2; USA NFPA701

PVC Thickness

Premimum grade,high gloss white, thickness ≥0.67mm

Tensile Strength

All covers are made of double-coated synthetic fiber with best performance in breaking strength.

Alu Alloy Hardness

Aluminum Profile: Hard Pressed Extruded Structural Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 at least 250 MPa



We are willing to make the maintenance for your structures including aluminum alloy frame, connection and covered fabric replacement.


Processing Technology


Depend on our clients’ demand for capacity, location climate, building foundation and event theme, SHELTER’S experienced sales and design team will offer turnkey tent solution including the tent size, fabric type, roof type. Also, we provide customized design for fabric printing. Shelter has made custom fabric design for butterfly theme restaurant and LEGO brick exhibition.


Accurate produce is the most important factor for tent design. Shelter has introduced advanced CNC technology machine to cut the material, drill screw holes and design the fabric shape. Different from manually cutting, CNC technology will create high precision and make all components connect perfectly.


After cutting the PVC fabric (depend on technology material), we will use the heat-pressure machine (the temperature reaches to 517℃ ) to weld the fabric tightly for large roof fabric. For installing safely and conveniently, Shelter will polish and rivet the screw hold, assemble the basic main profile for our clients.


For higher effectiveness of package, Shelter introduced CNC package machine to pack the aluminum profile carefully. For PVC fabric, we will pack them in the bag to avoid the dust and scratching.


For 100% safety of our structures, we will make installation test before delivery. So you can set up the tents smoothly on your job-site. Also, we will send our technology staff and project manager to provide installation guidance if you need.
Timely delivery is the promise to all of our clients, we provide timely Door to Door delivery to any corner of the world.

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