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Event tent industry is becoming stronger and stronger, more and more tents companies have been founded. With its removable, easy installation and flexible usage, temporary structures become the hot choice in any occasion. Like wedding hall, festival parties, commercial promotion, product fair, temporary warehouse (here some tips for choosing storage tents), sports structures and more. Safety is the most important consideration of event tents, you’d better know how you choose a reliable tent company. Here are some question you should know before you select a tents company.

Supplier or Manufacturer?
What is the difference between supplier and manufacturer? First, there are large factory including custom service design, produce and sale team in manufacturer company. Second, you can get turnkey tent solution. The sales in manufacturer company have rich experience in event management. Third, you can get F2C price (No extra transportation costs and intermediary costs).

Professional and Concentrated?
Tent manufacturing is a professional industry. Shelter is determined to produce aluminum clear span structures for more than 10 years. We have the confidence to keep the tent in safe, durable and optional. You can get customized service in the tent manufacturing company including sizes, shapes, and accessories.

Any Certification?
If you have any question about the quality of tents. You can check any certification of that company or not. Including the features of aluminum alloy, fire retardant of PVC fabric, wind-load and others. If there is a complete certificate in that company, you will get safe structures.

Any Famous Project?
It is easy to check the quality of tents company by successful project. Shelter is the tents supplier for many international events: 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2015 – 2016 PGA Golf Tour (US), 2014 – 2016 US Surfing Open (US), 2016 Country Jam Colorado (US). More Successful Solution Check Here.

Any After-sale Service?
It is normal that any maintenance will happen in the long-term event. Our sales will take sale-track regularly for the customers. That is important to improve the credit with customers and quality of the product. Shelter always go forward in tents industry.

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