Spherical projection tents with the unique viewing experience are the attractive activity during the commercial and carnival events. So more and more event planners try to manage a perfect projection show or dome screen under the geodesic dome, but the quality and capacity of the dome are the important factors. That is what I am going to explain How to Purchase a Suitable and Reliable Projector Dome?

The spherical projection tent is also known as the dome, which is a panoramic view of the sphere using a wide visual projection, giving the audience a strong visual shock and immersive feel, If your activities need to use the spherical projection tent, then buy the following factors to consider clearly!

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First: Choosing the Size by Diameter of the Dome

Spherical Dome Tent is an imports carrier of the projection show, SHELTER DOME can provide all sizes projector dome from dia. 3 to dia. 100 meters. Let me show you some examples:

  • Dia. 10 – 15m: 50 – 170 Seater;
  • Dia. 20 – 25m: 300 – 400 Seater;
  • Dia. 30m: 600 – 700 Seaters.

Of course, the really capacity depends on the interior requirement like the stage, light system, projection system and other facilities. If you are planning projection show or interested in projector dome design, welcome to contact us admin@shelter-structures.com or WhatsApp: +86 139 2885 8552

Second: The Quality of Spherical Tent

Spherical Projection Tents can be used for different occasions, like dome cinema, museum, new products launches, conference projection, science industry, etc. Since, these activities are held outdoor usually, so the quality of spherical tents is particularly important. All the dome tent produce in SHELTER DOME are made by hard-pressed galvanized steel pipe which is stainless, strong and durable. The membrane of our geodesic dome is the PVC coated fabric with outstanding features: waterproof, UV resistance, fire retardant, and other superior performance.

In addition, we provide projection package for our client including:

  • Projection Liner – Pure White Elastic Fabric, Sound Insulation Layer
  • Door – 3 Round Door ( Dome Entrance & Safety Exit)
  • Floor – Wooden Floor & Carpet

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