The Glass Dome Tent: Crafting Elegance in Spain’s Showroom Landscape

Glass dome tent

In the heart of Spain, a revered furniture company envisioned a distinctive showroom. Transcending norms, our Glass Enigma, a 30-meter glass dome, blends luxury and allure. A ballet of glass and steel, it redefines elegance and introduces the concept of a dome house. With an all-black ensemble, it’s not just a structure; it’s a timeless narrative—a legacy etched in Spanish terrains.

Event Tents: 10×30 Tents at South Africa

A frame event tent

In dynamic Johannesburg, our 10×30 and 12×30 event tents, a decade in the making, showcase excellence. As a premier tent rental and supplier, our aluminum-framed structures promise innovative event solutions.

Unique Event Space with a Custom 19.5x40M Atrium Event Tent

atrium event tent

The custom 19.5x40M atrium event tent in Mauritius is more than a structure; it’s a narrative of ambition, creativity, and collaboration. It stands as a testament to the idea that with the right vision and partnership, event spaces can transcend their traditional roles and become canvases for artistic and functional expression.

Peruvian Ice Rink Event Tent: A Symphony of Engineering Brilliance

Ice rink in peru

In Peru, a groundbreaking project emerged in 2019—a 20x50m indoor real ice rink event tent, designed to harmonize with the coastal surroundings, featuring robust engineering to withstand winds of 100 kilometers per hour and a double-layered, insulated roof for a thermal oasis effect. Transparent glass walls offered panoramic views, making the tent not just a structural marvel but a fusion of functionality, comfort, and inclusive experiences.

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