Harmonizing Yoga and Architecture: The Story of the 12-Meter Event Dome in Portugal

Project Details:

Built Year:2019
Built Duration:2 days
Sector:Harmonizing Yoga and Architecture
Tent Size:12m dome

Table of Contents

Project background

event dome

In the year 2019, we were approached by a visionary yoga instructor hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Portugal. His aspiration was to construct a dedicated event dome yoga studio on his private land, one that would serve as a sanctuary for yogic pursuits. The chosen architectural marvel for this spiritual endeavor was none other than a 12-meter diameter geodesic dome. This geodesic structure, with its multidimensional pyramid-like shape, radiates a palpable sense of tranquility and relaxation. It is a space where yoga enthusiasts find solace and an enriched experience, delving even deeper into the profound unity of mind and body, embodying serenity.

Challenge & Solution

Exquisite Design Distinction

Recognizing the imperative of an alluring and distinctive design, our proficient technical team collaborated closely with the client. The outcome was a geodesic dome, adorned with a triangular-shaped canopy door, graced by a gracefully pitched eave. The canopy itself bore the serene hue of desert yellow, while the lower canopy, composed of two tiers with varying pole heights, opted for a transparent disposition.

Ventilation Ascendancy

Of paramount importance was the preservation of impeccable ventilation within the dome, an absolute necessity for yoga practitioners. To fulfill this crucial requirement, our solution featured four triangular ventilation windows meticulously integrated into the geodesic dome, ensuring a harmonious flow of invigorating air.

Material Stratagem

A prudent acknowledgment of the differing lifespans of colored canopy fabric and transparent fabric guided our design philosophy. To facilitate future replacements of the transparent sections while mitigating costs, a design strategy was employed. This entailed separate desert yellow and transparent canopy fabrics, adroitly interconnected through a system of ropes and Velcro.

Elevated Flooring Elevation

To elevate the yoga experience, quite literally, we introduced a heightened wooden flooring system within the geodesic dome. This not only accentuated the aesthetics of the space but also provided an even, secure surface for the practitioners, ensuring both comfort and safety during yoga sessions.

Inherent Advantages of Event Dome

Exemplary Aesthetic Innovation

The distinctive exterior and interior configuration of the geodesic dome transcend traditional design boundaries, curating an environment of seamless harmony for yoga aficionados. It fosters an immersive and transcendental journey within.

Abundant Ambient Light

The extensive incorporation of transparent canopy fabric within the structure not only ushers in copious natural light but also underscores the principles of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

Economical Design Prowess

The innovative integration of the desert yellow roof canopy with the transparent fabric not only economizes labor and material expenses but also extends the leeway for future modifications and enhancements.

Enhanced Yoga Experience

The raised wooden flooring not only accentuates comfort but also accentuates safety. It creates an ideal environment for yoga practitioners, enabling them to embark on their yogic voyage with heightened assurance and serenity.


The Portugal 12-meter yoga dome project stands as a sterling exemplification of the fusion of innovative architectural design with the specific requisites of a functional space. It has bestowed upon us a sacred space that transcends the boundaries of mere bricks and mortar. It is an embodiment of tranquility, a crucible of inspiration, and a bastion of holistic well-being. Within the gentle embrace of this geodesic masterpiece, mind and body converge harmoniously.

This project, beyond the physical structure, represents a realm of serenity and a conduit to inspiration, where one’s essence unites with nature, forging a profound connection with the self. It is an ode to the limitless boundaries of architectural ingenuity, redefining space and spirit, and consecrating a sanctuary for the soul—a place where every breath echoes the eternal rhythm of life and wellness.

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