Wedding Tent: Tailored Design for Memorable Celebrations

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wedding tent | February 28, 2024
wedding tent

Project Details:

Built Year:


Built Duration:

7 days



Tent Size:

(length/ width/ height):20×40×4



Wedding Tent: Tailored Design for Memorable Celebrations

Project background-wedding tent

In 2015, a customer from Romania contacted us Shelter Structures. He indicated that he needed to hold a private wedding and that he had a venue of his own and planned to build a wedding tent for the wedding. Such a movable tent is very versatile. After the customer uses up this wedding tent, it can also be used for banquets and other activities. This versatility is one of the standout features, that is, one tent can be used for many purposes.

At the beginning, this customer was not sure about the suitable event tent, which highlighted our professionalism. After carefully understanding the customer's needs, we designed and built a movable tent with a size of 20x40 meters for him and provided some internal accessories. This movable tent has received praise and satisfaction from customers. Customers choose us not only because of our expertise in event tents and structures, but also because we provide services and cost-effective solutions that satisfy customers.

Challenge & Solution

Wedding tent design and pre-sales communication:

This tent showed relatively conventional characteristics in the pre-sales communication and quotation, and we did not encounter too many difficulties in the process. When communicating with customers, we have always adhered to the principle of designing tents according to customer needs, and this project is no exception.

Facing design challenges under complex working conditions:

During the project, we learned that the local working conditions were relatively complex, especially the presence of large winds, reaching 100km/h. For this slightly larger working condition, in order to achieve customer-satisfied cost performance without increasing large costs, we avoid recommending particularly large aluminum profile sizes. Instead, we used clever design, including adding wind bracing to the side walls and making full use of roof cables to increase the structure's wind resistance.

Personalized needs for interior design:

In addition to external structural considerations, we fully understand our customers' individual needs for the interior of the tent. The customer pursues internal light transmittance and aesthetics, and puts forward requirements for internal draperies. We not only provide the external structure of the tent, but also are committed to providing customers with all structural-related solutions.

Balance between light transmittance and beautiful design:

In the design of each unit, we fully consider the customer's pursuit of internal light transmittance and aesthetics. We introduced two transparent French windows, aiming to provide beautiful appearance while increasing the indoor light transmission effect. This not only makes the appearance of the tent more eye-catching, but also creates a pleasant light and shadow effect indoors.

Use of fireproof curtains:

In order to meet the customer's demand for interior draperies, we chose fire-resistant draperies, whose fire-resistance rating reaches B1. In addition, compared with ordinary cloth curtains, we choose materials that are softer and have better washability. This design not only considers aesthetics, but also pays attention to indoor safety and practicality.

Recommended tent area and structural design:

Throughout the entire project, we not only recommended the appropriate tent area for our customers, but also provided professional advice on structure and interior design. Through our efforts, we finally successfully produced a wedding tent that met the customer's needs, ensuring the full satisfaction of the project.

Key Refurbishment Features

Size: 20*40*4m wedding tent

Customized 112*203*4 mm aluminum frame.

850gsm PVC fabric

2 French windows per bay unit


The versatility and adaptability of the tent:

Marquees, also known as wedding tents, are popular for their versatility and adaptability. This unique structure has been carefully designed by us to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A tent is not just a shelter structure, but a space that creates a luxurious experience for special occasions.

Provision of luxury experience:

The well-designed tents provide guests with a luxurious experience and allow them to feel a unique atmosphere during the event. Its design takes into account not only functionality, but also beauty, making weddings, banquets and other various events in the tent a more luxurious and unforgettable experience.

Suitable for many occasions:

The flexibility of the tent makes it suitable not only for wedding venues, but also for various occasions such as banquets and corporate events. Its versatility makes the tent an ideal choice for different scenarios, providing a unique and flexible venue solution for a variety of events.

Natural Light and Clear Span Metal Buildings:

In the tent design, we focus on introducing natural light to make the indoor space brighter and more transparent. At the same time, the structural design of clear span metal buildings ensures that there are no cumbersome support structures in the indoor space, providing a more open and free space for use, allowing guests to feel a more spacious and comfortable atmosphere.

Interior decoration flexibility:

According to different needs, the interior of the tent can be flexibly adapted to various decorative elements. A wide range of décor options including draperies, ornate ceiling lights, French windows and more allow each event to be personalized to the theme and client’s preferences. This flexibility makes the tent not only a venue, but also a plastic art space.

Aesthetic design and detail considerations:

We pay attention to the aesthetic design of the tent, not only considering the appearance, but also paying attention to details. Every element has been carefully selected to ensure that the overall design meets modern aesthetic standards while incorporating unique personality elements to enhance the event venue.

Satisfying customers’ individual needs:

We understand that every event is unique and therefore strive to meet the individual needs of our clients. Whether it is a wedding, banquet or other event, the tent can meet the unique expectations of different customers for space atmosphere and decoration style through clever design.

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