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SHELTER's 30x30x4m Wedding Event Party Tent in Georgia

Shelter's 30x30m transparent event tent in Georgia, a harmonious blend of aesthetics and durability, offers an immersive experience, crafting timeless memories under the star-draped sky for weddings and celebrations.
Updated: December 14, 2023
Published: December 11, 2023
Wedding marquee tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2022
Built Duration:10 days

Event Wedding Party

Tent Size:





Transparent Wedding Tent

Project background of glass dome event tent

In the heart of Georgia, our longstanding collaboration with a renowned events company unfolded a new chapter. With a shared history and a bond steeped in camaraderie, the client sought a partner for their latest endeavor – an ethereal celebration space. Tasked with hosting weddings, jubilant parties, and events for 500-1000 guests, the canvas of choice was a monumental 30x30m tent. The allure of transparent elegance captivated their vision – a tent that could embrace daylight’s warmth and transform into a celestial haven under the star-studded night sky.

Challenge & Solution about glass dome event tent

Wedding event tent

The challenge was to seamlessly marry the ephemeral beauty of transparency with the enduring practicality demanded by events. The request for a fully transparent tent posed a potential compromise on longevity. To overcome this, a delicate balance was struck. Transparent fabric, evoking the magic of the moment, was ingeniously paired with a resilient white edge configuration. This not only heightened the visual enchantment of the tent but also fortified its durability. The outcome was a harmonious synthesis of aesthetics and structural robustness, ensuring both immediate allure and sustained functionality over time.

Key Refurbishment Features

Standard, 30x30x4m Size Event Wedding Party Tent

A grand expanse, a stage for dreams, offering a sprawling setting for celebrations, weddings, and events.

Standard 120x250x4mm Aluminum Frame

The tent’s backbone – a robust framework, ensuring structural integrity for safety and practicality.

850gsm Double-coated PVC Tarpaulin Roof Cover, Clear/White

The transparent roof, a portal to the skies, allowing the embrace of sunlight during the day and revealing a celestial spectacle at night.

650gsm Double-coated PVC Tarpaulin Sidewall Cover, Clear/White

Transparent sidewalls, like ethereal veils, providing an uninterrupted view of the surrounding landscape while fortifying the tent’s resilience.


The unfolding of this collaborative tapestry isn’t just a provision of shelter; it’s the creation of an immersive experience, with the outcome extending beyond the tangible to the intangible.

Solid Structure for Safety and Convenience

Beyond aesthetics, the tent’s design prioritizes a solid structure for safety. The installation, swift and straightforward, ensures that the focus remains on the joyous celebration.

Weather-Resistant and Flame Retardant Tarpaulin

The transparent tarpaulin serves a dual purpose. Beyond its visual appeal, it is weather-resistant and flame-retardant, securing not only the comfort but the safety of the gathered assembly.

Elegance Redefined for Every Occasion

This tent is an embodiment of versatile elegance, effortlessly shifting its character to match various events. It dons the tranquil charm of daytime nuptials and later, the mystical aura of nocturnal festivities, each time perfectly capturing the spirit of the celebration.

Underneath a Canopy of Stars

With nightfall, the tent’s clear roof ushers in a realm of celestial wonder. Guests find themselves enveloped in a starry embrace, a mesmerizing environment that elevates the ordinary into a realm of magical, timeless memories.

A Canvas for Personalized Visions

More than its structural grace, the tent invites individual creativity. Its translucent walls act as a backdrop for personalized flourishes – from vivid decorations and radiant lights to theme-specific accents – all converging to enhance the celebratory ambiance.

Nature's Theatre Captured

The transparent canopy becomes a window to the heavens, framing nature’s ever-changing spectacle. Be it a soft rain or a moonlit gala, the tent stands as a silent observer to the natural world’s fluid ballet.

A Feast for the Senses

This tent is an experience to be lived, not just seen. The gentle fluttering of its sides, the warm caress of daylight, the enchanting transformation into a nocturnal haven – each element composes a sensory symphony that speaks directly to the heart.

Wedding event tent


In its final role in this collaborative journey, the 30x30x4m wedding event party tent by SHELTER transcends its physical form. It becomes a tribute to the art of transparent elegance, a space where life’s celebrations unfold under a star-draped sky. Whispering with the Georgia winds, this tent stands not just as a structure but as a chronicler of stories – tales of love, celebration, and the timeless waltz of moments passing by.

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