Warehouse Storage Tent Mining Project

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Project Details:

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Built Year:2020
Built Duration:5 days
Sector:Warehouse & Storage
Tent Size:Length: 30 m / Width: 100 m / Height: 6 m

Project Background


Initially, the client was inclined towards constructing permanent buildings. However, after assessing their requirements, we recommended aluminum-framed industrial tents (with a 6061/T6 aluminum main frame). These structures, often referred to as semi-permanent buildings, have a lifespan ranging from 6 months to 3 years, making them apt for the project. These tents presented a more streamlined and cost-effective solution, aligning seamlessly with their prerequisites.Given that the client’s mining site was situated in a remote location, it was frequently subjected to severe weather conditions, including heavy winds and snow. Keeping in mind that mining equipment necessitates a well-maintained and dry storage environment, this posed significant demands on the tent warehouse’s structure. After comprehensive communication and integrating the data shared by the client, we furnished mechanical calculation reports along with a complete set of installation blueprints/instructions. In essence, we customized thicker profiles, employing a 6mm thick aluminum alloy frame, to bolster the overall stability of the tent warehouse. Concurrently, we incorporated ABS walls to fortify the overall sealing of the tent structure.Considering the need for large vehicles to transport equipment into the warehouse, there were challenges concerning the access height and width of the warehouse. Hence, for the doors on the gable side, we incorporated larger industrial roll-up doors equipped with remote control systems. This ensured both accessibility and efficiency while maintaining safety.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized,30*100*6m size warehouse buildings
  • Customized 120*300*6mm alu frame
  • Automated roll-up door
  • 850gsm double-coated PVC tarpaulin with light blocking function
  • Fully enclosed 0.6mm ABS side wall panel with blue color


Tent Warehouse Stability
Through meticulous material selection and structural design, we ensured that the tent warehouses in this project remained steadfast even under extreme weather conditions. They were engineered to endure wind speeds of up to 144km/h and snow loads of 25kn/m2. Our client commended the robustness and resilience of the tent warehouse, earning us their respect and admiration.

Building Efficiency
The construction process was notably efficient, allowing for swift assembly and disassembly. The reduced turnaround time facilitated immediate utilization, offering convenience and adaptability. Moreover, the portability of the structure made relocations effortless, enhancing its overall utility.

This tent warehouse not only guaranteed overall stability and safety but also integrated highly effective solutions from design to material selection. Consequently, the construction expenses were considerably lower compared to most suppliers, without any compromise on quality.

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