Temporary Warehouse Storage Facilities: Innovative Solution in Taiwan

In 2022, a Taiwanese client urgently needed extra storage for industrial equipment and materials, leading to a cost-effective customized temporary warehouse solution.

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warehouse | September 15, 2023


Temporary Warehouse Storage Facilities

Built year: 2022

Built Duration: 2 days

Sector: Mining Warehouse & Storage

Tent size (length/ width/ height):

17x50x4 m

Location: Taiwan

Project background

In 2022, a Taiwanese client who worked in the industrial production field found himself in urgent need of a extra storage space to store his industrial equipment, including small excavators, forklifts, and various industrial materials. After careful consideration and calculation, they realized that the frequent transfer between their production facility and the equipment/materials storage area were not only time-consuming but also cause the delay of their production schedules. This resulted in a increasing loss in his overall production costs and caused inconvenience to the whole process.

The client finally approached to us for solution suggestion. As our decades of experience in warehouse space solutions, especially in the field of temporary and semi-permanent space structure solutions, we were able to provide an affordable and highly effective structure to their storage and logistics challenges.

Challenge & Solution: Tailored Temporary Warehouse Solutions

Temporary Warehouse Storage in Taiwan

By the time of designing and providing the temporary warehousing solution for our Taiwanese client, we encountered several challenges. The client made the decision to set up the temporary warehouse next to their existing operation facility, but the area next to it was initially a grassy field. Although our tent structures could be set up on grass, there were still the risks for their operational vehicles to access in the space. Additionally, we had considered the modular flooring system, however, this would obviously increase the additional costs. So we did not implement this method.

After thorough communication and collaboration, we reached a solution that the client decided to compact and transform the grassy area into a concrete floor surface which showed great advantage in terms of cost. This not only provided a level ground surface for the construction of the temporary warehouse but also optimized the space for their operations.

Furthermore, due to that there were frequent heavy winds and rain locally, we reinforced the structural stability of our shelter tent by adding crossbeams on the side PVC walls to provide better support, ensuring the safety and functionality of the temporary warehousing solution even in inclement weather conditions. This comprehensive solution met the client's specific needs and showed out it was efficient and affordable to their temporary storage requirements.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized, 17*50*4m size temporary warehouse building
  • Main profile (120x350x5mm)
  • 850gsm white double-coated PVC tarpaulin roof, UV resistant & fire retardant
  • PVC panel side wall
  • Steel crossbeams on side walls


Customized Dimension with Stability

When it comes to temporary industrial goods storage solutions, the dimensions can vary mainly according to the size of the available sites, typically with a standard eave height. In this case, the dimensions was 17 meters which was not our standard increment of 5 meters. On another hand, we took more consideration in the designing process of our customized structure. The utilization of a concrete floor presented a significant advantage, offering a level and stable surface for anchoring. With our solution, we emphasized much on the stability and safety of the building.

Cost effective

Cost depends on various factors, except for material costs, amenity cost and size-related costs are also the main factors. Traditional concrete warehouses are several times costly than the prefab temporary warehouse tents. They are also more energy-efficient, which can save money on utilities costs over time.


In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the need for flexible, cost-effective, and efficient storage solutions is paramount. This case in Taiwan exemplifies the adaptability and efficiency of temporary tent structures in addressing urgent storage needs. Despite the challenges faced, from site selection to weather considerations, our team's expertise and the client's collaboration resulted in a solution that was both practical and economical. The temporary throughway warehouse not only met the client's immediate storage requirements but also showcased the advantages of such structures over traditional concrete warehouses. These advantages include quicker setup times, cost savings, and adaptability to various terrains and conditions. As industries continue to grow and change, the demand for such innovative solutions will only increase, and we are proud to be at the forefront of meeting these challenges.

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