The Revolutionary Event Tent: A Game-Changer at the Taoyuan Agricultural Expo, Taiwan

In 2019, the Taoyuan Agricultural Expo in Taiwan featured a groundbreaking 40x50x5m event tent, revolutionizing the local exhibition scene.
event tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2019
Built Duration:7 days
Sector:Agricultural Expo
Tent Size:40×50×5
Location:Tai Wan

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The world of event planning and execution is ever-evolving, with innovations and advancements taking center stage in the event tent. One such groundbreaking innovation was the introduction of the large-span event tent at the 2019 Taoyuan Agricultural Expo in Taiwan. This article delves into the journey of bringing this colossal event tent to life, the transformative impact it had on the expo, and the broader implications for the future of event hosting in the region.

Project background

In 2019, the Taoyuan Agricultural Expo in Taiwan opened its doors for bidding. Our collaborative client was keen on securing this project, aiming to revolutionize Taiwan’s exhibition market with the introduction of a large-span event tent. Taiwan had never witnessed a 40-meter span tent before, and our client envisioned showcasing the awe-inspiring effect of such a structure. After meticulous planning and considering the venue’s specifications and the expo’s scale, we settled on a 40×50 meter event tent, covering an area of 2000 square meters. 

The government’s tender was aligned with these specifications. Given that Taiwan had no prior experience with tents of this magnitude, our proactive client had already made the purchase, making their intent to secure the project crystal clear. Their determination paid off as they successfully bagged the project.

Challenge & Solution

Governmental Approval: Securing the government’s nod was paramount. In the preliminary stages, we tailored our approach to local wind loads, opting for a 120×350 enlarged profile for the 40-meter span. Typically, this profile could span 50 meters, but prioritizing safety, our client was willing to invest more. We conducted thorough technical calculations, taking the venue into account, and presented a comprehensive report. This diligence ensured we obtained the necessary construction permits, meeting the government’s stringent criteria.

Delivery Commitments: Our company rallied its resources, promising swift delivery timelines. While competitors were still in the waiting phase, our client had already secured the tender, thanks to our proactive approach.

On-Site Construction Challenges: Given that this was Taiwan’s maiden attempt at erecting a large-span event tent, our company dispatched engineers to guide the construction process. Despite encountering challenges, such as the absence of cross-bracing holes in our 5-meter columns, our seasoned team swiftly resolved the issues on-site. The client further enhanced the tent’s aesthetics with interior and exterior decorations. Preliminary plans ensured seamless integration of the tent with internal electrical systems, ventilation, and drainage channels. Given the expo’s proximity to the sea in Taoyuan Xiwu, periodic reinforcements were made every four days to ensure the tent’s stability.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Size: 40x50x5m for the Agricultural Expo
  • Customized 120x350x6 mm aluminum frame
  • 850gsm double-coated Red PVC fabric
  • External decorations, lighting, and ventilation systems

Outcome of Event Tent

The 2019 Taoyuan Xiwu Expo was a resounding success, with the large-span event tent stealing the limelight. It left an indelible mark on Taiwan, drawing accolades from local government officials and renowned personalities. The expo’s local agricultural stalls and external decorations seamlessly blended with our tent, ensuring the event’s smooth execution. The high-end aluminum event tent garnered praise from attendees, elevating the event’s stature.


The introduction of the large-span event tent at the Taoyuan Agricultural Expo was more than just an architectural marvel; it symbolized innovation, determination, and the future of event hosting in Taiwan. As the event tent industry continues to evolve, such milestones underscore the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. The success of this project not only solidified our reputation in the industry but also paved the way for more innovative tent structures in future events across Taiwan.

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