Unearthing the Oasis of Dome Events in Jordan's Wadi Rum

In 2018, a 25-meter event dome in Jordan's Wadi Rum desert offered a unique dining experience, addressing extreme weather, regulations, and electrical challenges.

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dome | September 11, 2023


Revolutionizing Dome Events: A Unique Oasis in Jordan's Wadi Rum

Event dome in Wadi Rum, near Petra in Jordan, is a vast desert canvas painted with nature's most exquisite hues. Every year, it beckons thousands of tourists, each seeking to immerse themselves in its raw, untouched beauty. In 2018, amidst this sprawling landscape, a new attraction emerged: a 25-meter event dome designed for dining. This dome restaurant, the first of its kind in the region, promised a dining experience like no other.

Project background

After months of diligent research and groundwork, our client's vision of an event dome in the heart of the desert came to life. This wasn't just any dome; it was a meticulously designed structure, offering patrons a panoramic view of the desert through its partially transparent cover. While shielding them from the sun's potent ultraviolet rays, the dome also provided a unique vantage point to appreciate the desert's vastness. Beyond being a dining space, the dome's versatility made it a hotspot for events, weddings, and even as a grand hotel reception area. Its multifaceted functionality ensured that it catered to a wide range of needs, quickly becoming a beloved landmark in the region. 

Challenge & Solution

Revolutionizing Dome Events: A Unique Oasis in Jordan's Wadi Rum

1. Adapting to Extreme Desert Conditions

Creating an event dome in a desert environment presented a unique set of challenges. The desert's diurnal temperature variations, coupled with its alternating dry and humid conditions, demanded a structure that could withstand these extremes.


Our first move was to opt for a hot galvanized steel structure, ensuring the dome's resilience against the desert's harsh conditions. Additionally, the dome's cover was crafted using a blend of 850gsm white double-coated PVC tarpaulin and 950gsm clear PVC tarpaulin. This combination offered protection from the elements while allowing patrons to gaze upon the desert's beauty.

2. Custom Sizing & Map Placement

The client also desired a structrue span that could be adjusted to a 30m span, offering flexibility for different event types. Our content operations team, with over 20 years of experience, optimized the event tent's structural design to meet this unique requirement, thereby offering a truly versatile event venue.


We utilized advanced mapping tools to mock up custom tent sizes, ensuring that our site map was accurate down to the inch in both location and scale. This precision ensured that every element, especially the event dome, was placed perfectly, harmonizing with the surroundings.

3. Local Regulations & Permit Challenges

Setting up a structure in a renowned tourist spot comes with its share of regulatory challenges. Acquiring the necessary permits, especially for a unique structure like an event dome, can be daunting.


We liaised closely with local authorities, providing them with detailed event plans, risk assessments, and other necessary documentation. Our comprehensive site map, showcasing the event dome and other elements, played a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with local regulations.

4. Event Dome Lighting & Electricity in the Desert

Providing electricity in a desert environment, especially for lighting within the dome, posed another challenge. The remote location meant that standard electrical sources were not readily available.


We planned for advanced electrical setups, marking out locations for generators and other necessary equipment on our site map. This ensured that the event dome was not only well-lit but also had provisions for other electrical needs, enhancing the overall experience for patrons.

Key Features

Dome's Grandeur: The event dome, spanning a majestic 25 meters in diameter, is a testament to architectural excellence.

Strength in Structure: Hot galvanized steel was the material of choice, ensuring the dome's resilience against the desert's challenges.

Dual Protection: The event dome's tarpaulin cover, a blend of white and clear PVC, offers both protection and an unobstructed view of the desert.


dome shelters

Architectural Prowes

The event dome is a marvel of design and engineering, seamlessly blending strength with elegance.

Safety and Comfor

The choice of materials ensures that the dome is waterproof, flame-retardant, and UV-resistant, offering patrons a comfortable and safe environment.

Adaptable Design

The dome's design is versatile, catering to a plethora of events, from cozy dinners under the stars to grand desert weddings.


The 25m Dome Restaurant in Jordan's Wadi Rum is more than just a structure; it's a testament to human creativity and the spirit of innovation. Nestled amidst the vast expanse of the desert, this dome stands as a beacon of luxury and comfort. It showcases how, with the right blend of expertise, materials, and vision, even the harshest of environments can be transformed into a haven of luxury. In the world of event domes, this project has set a gold standard, proving that with determination and innovation, dreams can be turned into reality.

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