The Arcum Event Tent: A Sensational Experience at the Philippines Port Festival

At the Philippines Port Festival in 2015, a 25x20x6m Arcum event tent with a heightened side elevation offered a spacious ambiance and panoramic views, transforming the event landscape.

Project Details:

Built Year:2015
Built Duration:5 days
Sector:Arcum event tent
Tent Size:25x20x6m

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In the realm of event planning, the ambiance and infrastructure play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of any event tent. The event tent, in particular, stands out as a versatile and essential component. This article delves into a unique case where an Arcum tent transformed the event landscape for a renowned event company in the Philippines.

Project background

A prominent event company in the Philippines was gearing up to host a grand event at their famous port. The occasion called for multiple tents to facilitate various festival activities and gatherings. Being a long-standing client with whom we’ve collaborated on several projects, they were well-acquainted with the quality and attention to detail our products offered. 

Over the years, we’ve fostered a robust and enduring partnership. For this particular event, instead of opting for the commonly used A-frame tents, they chose the Arcum tent. Their aim was to offer attendees a unique sensory experience. With a heightened side elevation of 6 meters, the tent promised an expansive view and a spacious ambiance. The five-day event was a resounding success, with visitors expressing immense satisfaction with the event tent facilities, culminating in a delightful event experience.

Challenge & Solution

Adapting to Local Weather Conditions: The tent was designed without sidewalls, consisting only of the framework and roof fabric. To cater to the local weather conditions and meet the required wind load and structural stability, we employed a high-strength, large-size aluminum alloy structure. Reinforcements were made to the structure to ensure it met local operational requirements, guaranteeing safety while providing an enhanced user experience.

Engineering Excellence: Our team of engineers and calculators meticulously designed and assessed the structure. They ensured the wind load was compliant with local standards and that the structure was entirely safe. Only after rigorous testing and validation was the event tent handed over to the client.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Size: Standard 25x20x6m Arcum Event Tent
  • Frame: Standard 203x112x4mm aluminum
  • Roof Cover: 850gsm double-coated PVC tarpaulin, Clear/White
  • Sidewalls: 650gsm double-coated PVC tarpaulin, Clear/White

The Renaissance and Forward Momentum of Event Tents

As time has unfurled, the narrative of event tents has transformed dramatically. Once perceived as rudimentary canopies, today’s event tents stand as masterpieces of design, echoing the sophistication of modern architecture. The surge in demand for bespoke tents, epitomized by structures like the Arcum event tent, mirrors the shifting paradigms of the event cosmos. Modern clientele gravitate towards tents that meld robustness with elegance, seeking sanctuaries that are both resilient against nature’s whims and visually captivating. 

The fusion of avant-garde technologies, encompassing advanced lighting and immersive soundscapes, elevates these tents into experiential realms, crafting unforgettable atmospheres for attendees. With the world pivoting towards sustainable ethos, the horizon for event tents is painted with shades of green, emphasizing materials that tread lightly on our planet and designs that harness energy judiciously. This ongoing metamorphosis within the event tent sphere underscores its agility and foresight, poised to cater to the dynamic tapestry of global event needs.


The Arcum event tent was a testament to structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Its robust design ensured safety and practicality, allowing for swift and hassle-free installation. The tarpaulin’s waterproof and flame-retardant properties added an extra layer of safety. Its elegant design catered perfectly to the diverse needs of the event, leaving an indelible mark on the attendees. The success of this project not only solidified our reputation in the event tent industry but also showcased the transformative potential of innovative tent solutions.


The introduction of the Arcum event tent at the Philippines Port Festival was more than just an architectural marvel; it symbolized innovation, adaptability, and the future of event hosting in the region. As the event tent industry continues to evolve, such milestones underscore the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

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