Why Large Event Tents are Transforming Political Gatherings?

"Our 12,000sqm event tent quickly transformed Robert Mugabe Square, providing a cost-effective, yet dignified venue for Zanu-PF's 5th Extraordinary Congress.

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tent | September 5, 2023


Political events in Zimbabwe often serve as pivotal moments that shape the nation's trajectory. The 5th Extraordinary Congress of the Zanu-PF party was one such monumental gathering. With an expected attendance of nearly 6,000 delegates, the event required a large tent that could not only accommodate everyone but also provide a dignified setting for crucial political discussions. The ultimate solution was a sprawling 12,000sqm event tent, meticulously erected in just 15 days at the iconic Robert Mugabe Square in Harare.

Project Background

large event tents

This Congress was not just another political meeting; it was a watershed event in Zimbabwe's complex political landscape. The Congress    was designed to endorse significant changes initiated by Operation Restore Legacy. The challenge was monumental: to transform the iconic but infrastructure-lacking Robert Mugabe Square into a venue capable of hosting thousands of delegates. The answer lay in the construction of a large tent, specifically designed to provide the necessary space, facilities, and ambiance for this high-stakes gathering.

The Large Event Tent Challenge & Solution

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Our client was a government department with limited prior experience in the complexities of setting up large event tents. They had a clear requirement—a large tent covering an area of 12,000 square meters—but the specifics concerning materials, layout, and additional features were initially unclear. After a series of in-depth consultations and site evaluations, we recommended an economical yet robust solution: the construction of four sets of 25x120m awnings. Recognizing the client's lack of expertise in event tent construction, we also dispatched a team of professional construction personnel to Zimbabwe. Their role was to provide on-site guidance, ensuring that the large tent was erected to meet all safety and quality standards.

Event Tent Refurbishment Features


The large tent was highly customized to meet the unique requirements of this political event. It was designed with specific dimensions and a 6m bay distance to maximize the use of available space, thereby ensuring that all delegates could be comfortably accommodated.

Material Selection

The event tent featured a state-of-the-art front glass wall system, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits such as better insulation and visibility. The remaining walls were constructed from durable PVC fabric, specifically chosen for its resilience and low maintenance requirements.

Color Scheme

To add a touch of uniqueness and visual appeal, the side wall fabric for the decagon and pagoda tents within the large event tent was selected in different colors. This not only enhanced the overall aesthetic but also helped in segmenting the space for various activities and discussions.


large event tents

Building Stability

Ensuring the stability of the large event tent was a top priority, given the high-profile nature of the event it was hosting. Through meticulous material selection and structural engineering, we achieved a stable and durable tent that could withstand both the elements and the crowds.

Efficiency Unleashed

Our event tents redefine convenience. With an assembly time that's practically a blink of an eye, these tents offer unparalleled flexibility for future use. Designed for effortless relocation, our tents aren't just a one-off solution—they're a long-term investment in adaptability.

Affordable Excellence

When it comes to budget, especially for government projects, every penny counts. Our expansive tents deliver on both safety and stability, without burning a hole in your pocket. Crafted from premium aluminum alloy, these tents are not just robust but also incredibly user-friendly. The result? A cost-effective solution that stands the test of time.


Our 12,000 sqm event tent for the Zanu-PF's 5th Extraordinary Congress wasn't just a success—it was a milestone. Far from meeting just the basic requirements, we exceeded expectations at every turn. Armed with meticulous planning and top-tier materials, we turned challenges into stepping stones. This tent stands as a testament to what can be achieved with the right combination of team and resources.

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