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Temporary Warehouse for Commercial Goods Made Easy High in Texas

In 2017, a well-established American building consultancy sought a temporary storage solution for a supermarket client in Texas. They needed a quick-setup, reusable 30x25x4m warehouse tent for storing fast-moving consumer goods. Our tailored solution featured a lightweight, cost-effective design with a robust 850gsm PVC roof, UV and fire resistance, and efficient lighting and insulation systems. The project highlighted our ability to provide stable, flexible, and economical temporary storage for commercial needs.
Updated: February 29, 2024
Published: September 13, 2023


Mining Temporary Warehouse & Storage in Texas, USA

Built year: 2017

Built duration: 2 day

Sector: Mining Temporary Warehouse & Storage

Tent size (length/ width/ height):

30x25x4 m

Location: Texas, USA

Project background

In 2017, a long-term co-operated client from USA, who is the well-established American building consultancy company, contacted with us for them urgent needs from his client. His client, a local supermarket owner, had a specific need to set up a temporary storage warehouse tent nearby to their supermarket for the temporary storage need of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Temporary storage requirements from clients like this one often have several key characteristics.

First of all, such needs typically come with a sense of urgency, as well as demanding a quick turnaround in the construction process. Additionally, clients often consider the reuse of the structure in their future planning, making it essential for the tent materials to be easily stored without occupying excessive space.

We also notice that the most frequent moments that those clients approached us are:

  • As the busy season ramps up.
  • When worksites get cluttered and disorganized.
  • During seasons or times of the year with intense weather.

In terms of temporary storage of commercial goods, we always have thorough communication with the clients, specifically about the intended duration of use and types of the goods which are  crucial to know in designing these structures. We take into account the information provided by the client to determine, such as the overall size of the structure, necessity of insulation or temperature control system, types of wall panels for structural stability, and layout of the interior space and necessary amenities and accessories etc.

In this case, our American client ran a supermarket and had clear requirements for nighttime usage; furthermore, according to the features of storing commercial goods, there were no specific demands regarding eave height. In the meantime, we focused on maximizing cost savings for the client while ensuring that the roof and side walls to be robust and with safety standards for the storage of their commercial goods.

Challenge & Solution: Tailored Temporary Warehouse Solutions

Temporary Warehouse for Commercial Goods Solutions

While providing the tent solution for our client, we indeed encountered some unique challenges. To ensure structural stability, we implemented six anchor points for the floor deck plate, allowing strong secure anchoring of steel bolts into the concrete floor.

In terms of the features of the commodities in a supermarket, lighting system and insulation were essential for considerations, which played a vital role in protecting goods from deterioration or damage. Therefore, we utilized 850gsm special double-layer PVC, so that it achieved the features of fire-resistant and UV-resistant properties. This special PVC material not only provided a durable and protective enclosure but also ensured that commodities were sheltered from external impact.

To further reinforce the structure under possible inclement weather conditions, we added iron rain gutters at the exterior of the warehouse tent. These iron rain gutters offered several advantages compared to hard and soft rain gutters which were of a longer lifespan and greater drainage capacity, making them more suitable for reusing and ensuring effective water management.

Key Refurbishment Features

Temporary Warehouse for Commercial Goods internal situation
  • Customized, 30*25*4m size temporary warehouse building
  • Main profile (120x350x5mm)
  • 850gsm white double-coated PVC tarpaulin roof, UV resistant & fire retardant
  • PVC panel side wall
  • Lighting system
  • Cross steel cables on roof panels



For temporary commercial goods storage solutions, length can be various and normally with standard eave height. In this case, the size reached to 30*25m, necessary reinforcements were needed into consideration. Concrete floor made an advantage, as it was flat and even for anchoring. With our solution, we emphasized much on the stability and safety of the building.

Flexibility of relocation and re-use

One of the features of this kind of commercial goods temporary storage warehouse tents is that the side walls are normally selected with lightweight materials. It makes relocation, delivery and reusing more convenient compared to some semi-permanent and permanent buildings.

Cost effective

Cost depends on various factors, except for material costs, amenity cost and size-related costs are also the main factors. Traditional concrete warehouses are several times costly than the prefab temporary warehouse tents. They are also more energy-efficient, which can save money on utilities costs over time.


The dynamic nature of the commercial sector often necessitates swift, adaptable, and cost-effective solutions. This Texas project underscores the value of temporary storage warehouses in meeting such demands. By addressing the unique requirements of a supermarket setting, from the urgency of setup to the specific storage conditions for fast-moving consumer goods, our temporary warehouse solution emerged as a game-changer. 

It not only facilitated efficient storage and protection of goods but also showcased the versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness of our tent structures. As businesses continue to evolve and face unforeseen challenges, it’s evident that such innovative solutions will be instrumental in ensuring operational continuity and success. Our dedication to understanding and catering to the diverse needs of each client solidifies our position as leaders in the realm of temporary storage solutions.

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