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Why Opt for Flexible Warehouse Tents in Temporary Settings?

Updated: February 29, 2024
Published: September 1, 2023

Built year: 2018
Built duration: 5 days
Sector: Warehouse & Storage
Tent size (length/ width/ height): 40x50x8 m
Location: USA

Warehouse Storage

Project background

In 2018, an American construction company contacted us with a requirement for temporary warehouse tents in Colorado. These tents were crucial for storing extra daily fast-selling commodities, especially in preparation for the upcoming Black Friday. The terminal client of the construction company aimed to stock up on more commodities. However, the idea of constructing a permanent, concrete-structure warehouse was dismissed due to its high cost, extended duration, and the lengthy wait for building permits. Moreover, permanent warehouses require more supporting facilities. Interestingly, when comparing the same external areas, temporary/semi-permanent storage buildings like ours offer more utilized interior space than concrete-structure warehouses.

Recognizing these advantages, the client chose our prefab industrial storage tents. These tents offer flexibility in assembly and disassembly, meeting their needs for time efficiency and cost savings.

Challenge & Solution

Throughout this project, we faced several challenges. However, our expertise in industrial tents and clearspan structures ensured we overcame them. This expertise is why our clients trust us and are keen to collaborate, showcasing the core competence of our space structure solutions.

One significant challenge was the client’s tight deadline, necessitating urgent replenishment. Thanks to our extensive inventory of frame materials, we met their requirements within a 20-day production period.

Another challenge was the client’s requirement for an 8m eave height for the structure. This height was exceptionally high compared to our previous industrial warehouse tents projects. The taller the eave height, the more significant the challenge it poses for the overall structural design and stability. After in-depth communication and research on local weather conditions, we reinforced and thickened the structural aluminum purlins, rafters, and columns for this storage tent. We also added wind cables, steel fasteners, and fully installed all steel stakes/expansion bolts on base plates.

To address the client’s unique requirements, we provided on-site technical and engineering assistance during installation. Ultimately, our solution passed the third-party inspection by SGS, achieving the client’s complete satisfaction.

rooftop of warehouse

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized, 40508m size prefab warehouse buildings
  • 350A main profile (120x350x6/11mm)
  • 850gsm white double-coated PVC tarpaulin roof & side wall panels
  • A set of aluminum single door
  • Roll-up sliding door


Warehouse Stability

Thanks to our meticulous material selection and structural design, this onsite storage tent remained stable and secure, even after several strong wind tests. Our client appreciated the robustness and resilience of the warehouse, earning us their admiration.

Project Expedited Processing Solution

Thanks to our meticulous material selection and structural design, this onsite storage tent remained stable and secure, even after several strong wind tests. Our client appreciated the robustness and resilience of the storage tent, earning us their admiration.

Time Saving and Cost-Effective

Our temporary fabric warehouses offer time-saving benefits, not just in construction but also in transit time from stores to inventory areas. This efficiency is a significant advantage of our onsite warehouses.

Flexible Mobility

Our structures are known for easy installation and disassembly. If a client wishes to relocate, our temporary storage tents can be easily moved and reused.

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