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Temporary Extra Storage Space Chile Industrial Goods

Updated: February 28, 2024
Published: September 13, 2023


temporary warehouse

Built year: 2015

Built duration: 3 day

Sector: Warehouse & Storage

Tent size (length/ width/ height):

25x50x3 m

Location: Chile

Project background

In 2015, we had a Chilean client who was urgently in need of an emergency temporary warehouse solution to store extra industrial materials, like cement. He noted that their existing warehouse space, which was of concrete & steel structure, was insufficient in storage space; Moreover, constructing a permanent warehouse would be time and cost consuming, therefore we provided them with a practical solution – the construction of a lightweight, easy-installing, and convenient-disassembly temporary warehouse tent to meet their urgent needs.

Challenge & Solution: Tailored Temporary Warehouse Solutions

Temporary Warehouse Solutions Chile


In regions with favorable weather conditions, the demand for short-term storage solutions becomes evident. Our Chilean client’s scenario was no different. They sought a tent structure robust enough to withstand wind speeds of up to 80 km/h and desired ample natural lighting for their daytime operations. Their primary storage method involved using pallets for stacking industrial goods, eliminating the need for specific height requirements or additional amenities like water gutters, internal cargo shelves, and advanced lighting or ventilation systems.

Given the local weather, the immediate need for storage, and the site’s concrete foundation, our L-Series A-frame temporary warehouse tent was the perfect fit. We incorporated 850gsm PVC for both the roof and gable triangle panels. Our high-transparency wall panels, while not fully transparent, ensured sufficient lighting. For added stability, we integrated independent foundations and cross columns on select sidewalls, culminating in a spacious 25x50x3m warehouse structure.


A key feature of our solution was the door system. To optimize costs and ensure functionality, we introduced a 2.5-meter by 3.3-meter roll-up sliding door, facilitating easy forklift access. This manual sliding door was both cost-effective and functional.

Our customized temporary warehouse solution not only addressed the client’s immediate storage needs but also showcased durability and cost-efficiency. At the heart of our business is a commitment to delivering flexible and efficient temporary storage solutions tailored to our clients’ unique requirements, ensuring uninterrupted business operations, even amidst challenges.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized, 25*50*3m size temporary warehouse building
  • Main profile (120x350x5mm)
  • 850gsm white double-coated PVC tarpaulin roof & gable triangle panels


Relocation flexibility and fast speed

For the purpose of urgent needs for extra storage space, temporary warehouses are one of the best options. Herewith the “temporary” means a few days or a few weeks usage. Under this circumstances, PVC fabric structure warehouse tents are of better effective, as its advantages of lightweight, fast assembly & disassembly, and can be relocated more conveniently. In terms of construction aspect, less ground works means less time consuming, which takes 1-5 days setup time according to the size of the tents and also depends on if using our professional installation tools, such as Automated Roof Fabric Pulling System.

Modular structure flexibility

We stock 5m bay increments for length and width of the structures which can be integrated for your need and deployed flexibly. In this case, although the eave height as well as other amenities were customized for the client, for some columns, we used our existing inventories which greatly reduced the delivery time of our products to the client.

Cost saving

When the client had the urgent needs for the solution, our pre-sales team reacted rapidly for services and technical support. It saved the cost of third party construction designing in the very beginning.

Compared to permanent buildings, our temporary warehouse structures, including our tailor-made solutions, due to rapid assembly speed, from the aspects of labor cost, construction cost, it could result in cost saving of up to 70%.


In an ever-evolving industrial landscape, the need for swift, adaptable, and cost-effective solutions is paramount. This Chilean case study exemplifies the prowess of tent structures in addressing urgent storage needs. The temporary warehouse tent, with its rapid assembly, modularity, and cost-saving attributes, proved to be an invaluable asset for the client. It not only bridged the gap between immediate requirements and permanent solutions but also showcased the versatility of such structures in diverse scenarios. As businesses grapple with unpredictable challenges, it’s evident that innovative solutions like these will play a pivotal role in ensuring continuity and efficiency. Our commitment to providing tailored, robust, and efficient temporary storage solutions stands as a testament to our dedication to client success and innovation in the field of tent structures.

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