Taiwan Warehouse Project: A Testament to Adaptability and Innovation

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warehouse on the field

In 2023, a unique warehouse challenge was presented to us from Taiwan. A local client, having previously collaborated with us, reached out with a specific need: a 20x30m storage tent for governmental use. The tent was intended to store materials for various electric projects. Given the client’s past purchases, which were primarily fully enclosed tents, this project demanded a more robust and durable solution to meet the stringent requirements of the local government.

Project background

The client, having established a reputation in the electric construction sector, had projects scattered throughout Taiwan. The mobility of the tent was crucial, as it would need to be relocated as one project concluded and another commenced. Given the government’s rigorous standards, a typical fabric wall tent would not suffice. Hence, the recommendation was made to utilize a sandwich panel wall, which the client, trusting our expertise, readily accepted. After discussions with the government, our proposal was approved, setting the project in motion.

Challenge & Solution

Weather Resilience

 Taiwan is known for its frequent typhoons and heavy rainfall. This meant the tent had to be designed to withstand high wind loads. The government’s specifications required the tent to resist up to a level 13 wind. To address this, the client added external wind-resistant steel cables based on our configuration.

Governmental Specifications

The detailed governmental tender posed another challenge. Our team provided a comprehensive structural report in advance, ensuring the client met all governmental requirements.

Custom Design Needs

The client had specific design elements in mind, such as roller shutter doors. Additionally, based on our technical advice, they implemented a hard ground surface, optimizing the cement thickness and load-bearing capacity for added security.

On-site Challenges

 During the construction phase, a minor issue arose due to a slight misalignment in the holes of our 5-meter load-bearing columns and side columns. This caused complications with the client’s sandwich panel wall installation. However, our strong relationship with the client and our technical department’s swift response ensured a quick resolution. The client professionally addressed the issue on-site, reinforcing the trust between both parties.

Key Features

Customized Dimensions: A 20x30x5m storage tent tailored to the client’s needs.

Robust Framework: A customized 112x203x4 mm aluminum frame ensuring durability.

Premium Fabric: An 850gsm double-coated PVC fabric ensuring protection from the elements.

Enhanced Walling: Sandwich panel walls for added sturdiness, complemented by client-sourced roller shutter doors and external wind-resistant steel cables.


Rising proudly from the heart of Taiwan is our signature hard-walled storage tent, a testament to Shelter’s unwavering commitment to innovation and resilience. Our choice of sandwich panels, renowned for their unwavering strength and exquisite aesthetics, not only won the admiration of our esteemed clients but also earned recognition from local authorities in Taiwan. This endeavor not only expanded Shelter’s influence in the region but also showcased our ability to engineer solutions that effortlessly tackle unique environmental and bureaucratic challenges. By crafting a tent that stands defiantly against Taiwan’s unpredictable weather and seamlessly aligns with governmental standards, we have sown the seeds for promising future partnerships and solidified our global reputation.


In conclusion, the Taiwan Warehouse Tent Project vividly exemplifies Shelter’s ethos: the fusion of innovation and adaptability to craft unparalleled solutions. In an environment where every detail is critical, our customized storage tent shines as a symbol of precision and versatility. This project reaffirms our unyielding dedication to deeply understanding our clients’ needs, navigating complex challenges, and constructing structures that not only serve their purpose but also endure the test of time. As we reflect on this remarkable journey, it serves as a guiding star, demonstrating the heights that can be reached when creativity merges with determination, setting the stage for future triumphs in tailor-made storage solutions.

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