Project Details:

Built Year:2018
Built Duration:10 days
Sector:Construction Site Warehouse & Storage
Tent Size:

30x95x5 m



Table of Contents

Project background


An esteemed construction company purchased a 30×95 storage tent from Shelter Structures in 2018. This shelter served as their storage space on site during their construction, and were used to store their bulk construction materials. Their construction work was planned for two and half years and they needed a shelter which were robust and had adequate internal space for storage.

Due to the usage period, we understood that the shelter was for semi-permanent use, it needed the versatility to withstand external element, especially there might be typhoon weather in the area in the summer. Furthermore, they had the requirement on aesthetics, due to sometimes the government people visited the site to check their progress. Additionally, in some aspect, they needed the cost-effective shelter. Therefore, we implemented ABS panels for the downward part for the walls together with our PVC panels for the upwards for the walls. By doing so, it achieved the effective protection against elements, in the meantime, had the visual aesthetics and saved the cost on the shelter.

Challenge & Solution of Event tent

During the communication with the client regarding our solution, we understood that the construction site was of uneven mud and grass terrain, this significantly increased the challenge. We suggested making a flat concrete foundation for the erection, the purpose was for more solid  storage construction.

We also considered that there would be harsh weather in the summer, like typhoon, the wind load for the structure was extremely important. When encountering heavy rains and big wind, and aiming for semi-permanent usage, besides the walls needed to be hard-material, like ABS wall package in this case, adding more purlins and supporting bars could enhance the stability for the whole structures. So more purlins were added to the roof, and supporting bars were connected from side columns to the roof beams.  

It is very crucial for any of our clients to inform us the erection location, in order for us to check the local wind, rain, snow load, so that we can design the appropriate solution. Fabric buildings are cost-effective compared to some steel structures and conventional buildings. They do not have the requirement to be applying welding on site and are perfect for temporary and semi-permanent scenarios.

In this case, the client’s storage construction work took place during daytime. Ample natural light was needed, on the other hand, it could save energy cost. Knowing this, our translucent PVC covers were utilized on the roof the half of the wall, while 850G PVC were more thicker and robust than others.

Additionally, 2 roll-up doors were engineered for their busy load during construction, and a standard personnel door were setup on the gable side.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized, 30*95*5m size
  • Aluminum alloy frame, 6061-T6
  • 850gsm white PVC roof and wall
  • ABS wall panels
  • Lighting system
  • Designed forklifts lanes inside the shelter
  • Constructed on concrete floor

Benefits Of Storage Shelter Solutions

Modular Structure - High Flexibility

Due to the modular storage structure we utilized, no onsite welding are needed for our buildings. We prefabricate all the parts into modular. Even you need more stable and robust buildings, or you need scale up onsite of our buildings, they are all flexible to be done.

Fully Customization

Our storage structures can be fully customized, including roof, walls, sizes, amenities and more. Many clients complained our competitors that they provided the solution not as ideal as they wanted. For example, once you need the eave height of 5.8m, some of our competitors are very likely to offer the solution for eave height of 6m. But we do not do it this way. Customers’ requirements are our priority to achieve, fit for purpose and consider for the customers mean a lot to us.

Professional Engineer Team

Some of our clients did not know what series to choose when they need a structure from us. Our engineer team is professional to help you out. We always recommend the appropriate series for you, with the customized parts for your needs.

Moreover, in some countries, there are more strict and complicated regulars for the local certification, for example, for temporary structures. Do not worry, we get 80% job done for you. Our engineer team design and provide drawings (simple drawings, CAD drawings, 3D rendering etc.), mechanical reports for our structures, and all other necessary required documents from your local institution, complying with your local standards. The rest 20% is to have our documents certified by local authorities.

Safety & Durability

Safety and durability are the most important factors we consider for our storage structures. It is extremely important from the preliminary communication between us and the customer, so called pre-sales communication; as well as the final certification of our drawings and technology. These two points are crucial, ensuring that our structures can meet your requirements as customers and also conform to your local certification standards. Because the standards vary from country to country, the United States has ASTM, EU has EN, UK has BSI, AU has AS etc.

When looking at our structures themselves, durability is another key element of our storage shelters. Frequent erection in the remote area, for industrial use, there are inclement weather conditions, heavy wind, rain and even snow that could put unstored materials, equipment and assets in risk. It requires strong and durable warehousing solutions that can withstand extremes of temperature, humidity, and even natural disasters. We have various ways to reinforce the structures, for example, in the designing and manufacturing process, we can enlarge the profiles for stronger stability, or using different wall panels to empower the durability of the whole structure, or adding more columns.

Compared To Steel Structures

Steel storage structures have their advantages which can be seen as more sturdy, cost-effective materials, larger span availability and more. However, most of the steel structures are not prefabricated, which needs to have welding or other operation on site. For temporary and even semi-permanent buildings, alu structures have more advantages than steel structures. Lightweight materials, easy for international freight, cost and time saving for erection, anti-corrosion feature, and more.

Shelter Structures is dedicated in alu structures and what we provide is more than a building.  

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