Elevating Romance with Shelter’s Exquisite Wedding Tents in Armenia

Shelter's Armenian odyssey unveiled an enchanting 15x30m arcum wedding tent, a harmonious blend of elegance and adaptability. Transparent canopy, robust structure, and cassette flooring defined a bespoke event experience.

Project Details:

Built Year:2023
Built Duration:7 days
Sector:Wedding tent
Tent Size:




Project background

wedding tent

In the tapestry of celebration, where love meets commerce, Armenia beckoned with a tale of union and enterprise. The year 2023 witnessed a symphony of dreams as Shelter ventured into the heart of Armenia, orchestrating an extraordinary wedding for a local magnate. This event transcended the ordinary; it was not just a ceremony but a strategic investment, laying the groundwork for a future as a sought-after wedding tent.

Designing Elegance: The Arcum Tent

The canvas unfurled with the suggestion of a 15×30-meter arcum tent – an architectural poetry of sophistication and structural integrity. Initially draped in the timeless allure of a white canopy, the client, a connoisseur of the extraordinary, pivoted towards transparency. The shift was not just a change of fabric; it was a decision to weave the Armenian night sky into the very fabric of celebration.

Challenges About Wedding tent

wedding tent

In the intricate dance of communication, we encountered the challenge of intermediaries. To bridge this gap, we adopted a strategy of swift information dissemination – detailed drawings, technical nuances, and a visual portfolio of past triumphs. This not only facilitated a transparent decision-making process but also ensured the client’s vision was accurately conveyed.

However, a subtle challenge emerged in the clash of design preferences. While our initial inclination favored the arcum design, the local zeitgeist leaned towards TFS (Tensioned Fabric Structure) designs. A delicate ballet ensued as we molded the design into an arcum with a transparent canopy, a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and local inclination.

The flooring conundrum introduced cassette flooring, a costly yet compelling solution. Beyond immediate functionality, it positioned itself as an investment in the venue’s versatility. The client’s desire for a transparent canopy clashed with our recommendation for durability, reflecting the delicate balance between aesthetics and practicality.

The unforeseen revelation of a grassland setup location added a layer of complexity. Swift adjustments, coupled with proactive client engagement, transformed this hurdle into a testament of adaptability and problem-solving prowess.

Crafting Atmosphere: The Refurbishment Symphony

The final masterpiece stood tall – a bespoke 15x30x4m arcum tent, a testament to the harmonious union of grandeur and intimacy. Crafted from a robust 166x88x3.5 mm aluminum frame, the structure embraced safety without compromising elegance. The transparent PVC fabric, weighing 950gsm, elevated the ambiance, allowing a dance of natural light and starlit skies.

Cassette flooring, an embodiment of sophistication and stability, added a touch of luxury to the setting. Each element meticulously curated, not just for immediate function but for the lasting legacy it would carve.

Eternalizing Moments: The Culmination

wedding tent

As the tent stood witness to the union of two souls, it marked a milestone for Shelter in Armenia. Beyond a transaction, it carved a niche as a symbol of adaptability, cultural integration, and excellence. The success echoed in the client’s satisfaction, positioning Shelter as a pivotal player in Armenia’s event landscape.

This venture, far from a mere transaction, became a narrative of cultural resonance. Shelter, not just a provider of tents, but a curator of experiences, navigated diverse preferences, overcame challenges, and contributed to the success of a significant event.

Key Refurbishment Features

Size: The finalized structure, a bespoke 15x30x4m arcum tent, represented a harmonious balance of grandeur and intimacy tailored for weddings.

Frame: Crafted from 166x88x3.5 mm aluminum, the robust framework ensured structural durability while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Canopy: The enchanting ambiance was achieved through a 950gsm transparent PVC fabric, allowing the interplay of natural light and the starlit sky, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Flooring: The incorporation of cassette flooring not only added sophistication but addressed the practical need for a leveled and stable surface, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Epilogue: Beyond the Canvas

In Shelter’s global odyssey, each project is a unique chapter. It’s not just about erecting tents; it’s about crafting experiences, adapting to cultural nuances, and contributing to the creation of indelible moments. This journey doesn’t culminate with a successfully pitched tent; it’s an ongoing narrative, a testament to our commitment to excellence in every detail, one tent at a time.

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