Shelter Created Luxury Party Tents for Indonesia on World Water Day

Luxury party tent elevates World Water Day in Indonesia with custom design, quick setup, and tailored interiors, showcasing Shelter's expertise.

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luxury party tent | February 21, 2024
Shelter Created Luxury Party Tents for Indonesia on World Water Day

Project Details:

Built Year:2023
Built Duration:3 days

Event Tent

Tent Size:

one set of 10x20x4m,

one set of 10X20m



Luxury Party Tent Transforms World Water Day Event | Shelter Structures

Project Background

In March 2023, the Indonesian client needed a luxury party tent to provide a forum gathering space for a high-profile local public welfare project - World Water Day. At that time, Indonesia's domestic satellite TV will participate in live coverage, which is the focus of social attention, so the reception standard is very high.

Activity requirement and design scheme

Clients have clear and challenging needs for philanthropic activities. The space required for the event is approximately 500 square meters to accommodate a large number of guests and equipment. In addition, considering the characteristics of the local culture and the importance of the event, there are special requirements for the color matching and structural design of the luxury party tent. It not only needs to show a luxurious temperament, but also to blend with the surrounding environment to create a solemn and warm atmosphere.

Implementation details

After in-depth understanding of the customer's needs and the site environment, Shelter came up with its final proposal: a 15 by 20 meter luxury party tent and a 10 by 20 meter luxury party tent. The combination of these two event tents not only perfectly meets the space needs, but also fully considers the process of public welfare activities and the interaction of participants in the layout. In keeping with the color preferences of the local culture and to add to the celebratory atmosphere of the event, we chose red and white drapings as the decorative theme, which not only symbolize warmth and purity, but also form a harmonious match with the surrounding environment.
We specially designed the structure of the infinity cloth and gables with no central column, which not only provides a broader view for the public welfare activities, but also makes the interior space of the luxury party tent more spacious and transparent, enhancing the sense of luxury. This open design allows the activities within the luxury party tent to extend naturally to the outdoors, while also providing the ideal viewing Angle and special backdrop for live television.
party tent

Challenge & Solution

The challenge of customizing red drapes

Although the two schemes used in the project are conventional standard configurations, the special requirement of red cloth faced the problem of minimum order quantity. The 500 square meters of canopy area required by our client is not sufficient to meet this requirement.

Given the importance of our Indonesian customers, we actively consulted with our suppliers to successfully resolve this critical issue. This demonstrates not only the flexibility of our team, but also our attention to the needs of our customers.

Design challenges under time pressure

As far as this project is concerned, efficiency comes first, which comes from the real pressure of time. Under the condition that the design time is insufficient and the construction time is only 3 days, selecting a mature and fast construction system is the first task of the design work.

The project team first analyzed the area and developed a temporary building solution with a specific function, while the rest of the time was spent on actual construction. After comprehensive comparison, luxury party tent system became our final choice. The cost-effective canopy tent structure is flexible and convenient, and its light and transparent temperament is in line with the spatial intent of the design.

Interior layout and comfort verification

The client has specific requirements for the interior layout of the luxury party tent to ensure a high standard reception and the attendance of important guests. We offer a top fully enclosed tarpaulin setting to ensure privacy and a dedicated discussion environment. The tent is unobstructed around the perimeter, which helps to keep the indoor temperature cool. We also made tables and chairs for customers, customers are very satisfied.

Although the luxury party tent is completely enclosed, we have ensured the comfort of the interior environment by optimizing the layout of the space and the ventilation design. This was highly recognized by customers and guests at the event.

Addressing wind challenges and safety considerations

The main features of the site are strong winds, which, combined with our design of a gable central pillar structure, can pose a threat to the stability of the luxury party tent and generate significant noise. The main challenge in this design was that we wanted to have a good view without standing directly into the wind.

Fortunately, the tent profiles we used were fully wind-loaded. Although the construction span of this event is small, our professional team has carefully considered all possible risk factors to ensure the safety and stability of the entire structure. During the event, the tent performed well and was not affected by any wind.

Key Refurbishment Features

Size: 15*20*4m 1 seat 10*20*4 1 seat luxury event tent

Customized 112*203*4 mm aluminum frame.

850gsm double-coated white PVC fabric for roof+roof linings

Shelter Created Luxury Party Tents for Indonesia on World Water Day


Customer feedback

Customers highly appreciated the professionalism and attention to detail of the Shelter team. Because this is a public welfare project related to human survival, many important people and social youth attended, and it has a great impact on the Indonesian civil business community and government.

We not only met their needs for space and beauty, but also exceeded their expectations for the atmosphere of the event. On the day of the event, the luxury party tent became the focus of the media and event participants, adding a unique luster to the World Water Day event.

Project success

The success of this project not only demonstrates Shelter's capabilities in the design and manufacture of luxury party tents, but also cements our leading position in the industry. The cooperation with customers has been strengthened, and the possibility of cooperation provided by the venues for follow-up government activities has been greatly increased. The beautiful appearance, rapid construction, practicality and security have been appreciated by the end customers, which is a good exposure.


The project is both site-specific and universally practical: on the one hand, it is a self-directed work based on the language of architecture, and on the other, it forms a very clear relationship with its context. The creation of a central space opened up the possibility of a new open meeting room for the opening ceremony.

Within three days, people and things gathered and dispersed instantaneously, this luxury party tent experienced construction and annihilation, and the temporary building has become a permanent memory. The Luxury party tent was demolished and the venue returned to the way it was before, as if nothing had happened.

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