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Engineering Elegance: The Majesty of the Saudi Royal Event Horse Riding Tent

In the heart of Saudi Arabia, our Horse Riding Tents stood as elegant, transparent structures, blending safety and style. Amidst royal celebrations, they were not just shelters, but stages for unforgettable experiences, crafting memories under the desert sky.
Published: December 25, 2023
Horse riding tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2021
Built Duration:

7 days


Horse Riding Tent

Tent Size:



Saudi Arabia

Horse riding tent

Project background of Horse Riding Tent

In the vast expanse of the Saudi Arabian desert, where tradition and opulence converge, the esteemed Saudi Royal family envisioned an unparalleled equestrian event. The undulating dunes were to be transformed into a regal arena, resonating with the rhythmic beats of galloping horses. To orchestrate this grand spectacle, the Royal family sought the expertise of Shelter, a renowned architect of bespoke event spaces.

The vision was intricate—a harmonious blend of functionality and splendor. The grounds were to be adorned with Horse Riding Tents, each serving a unique purpose. Spectator stands, activity zones, storage rooms, and preparation areas were meticulously planned to create a multifaceted experience for both guests and participants.

Challenge & Solution about Horse Riding tent

Horse riding tent

The scorching Saudi Arabian sun presented a formidable challenge, demanding ingenious solutions to ensure the comfort of attendees and contestants. Transparent Horse Riding Tents, designed for spectator stands and activity zones, required careful consideration to mitigate the harsh desert sun.

For the grandstands, two majestic tents, each spanning 25×15 meters, were proposed. Opting for a design with only roof covers and no sidewalls was a strategic choice, providing an unobstructed panoramic view of the equestrian prowess. However, to shield attendees from the relentless sun, an innovative approach was employed. The roof cover embraced transparency, allowing the brilliance of the desert sunlight to filter through, while the sidewalls were rendered opaque, creating a shaded haven beneath.

The central transparent tent, designated as the vibrant heart of activity, underwent a unique transformation. A partial transparency in the roof, coupled with white sidewalls, achieved the delicate balance between an immersive experience and protection from direct sunlight. The result was a visually stunning space where guests could engage in activities while remaining connected to the unfolding equestrian drama.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Standard, 25*15*4m size Horse Riding Tent
  • Standard 203*112*4mm aluminum frame
  • 850gsm double-coated PVC tarpaulin roof cover, White Color
  • 650gsm double-coated PVC tarpaulin roof cover, White Color

Outcome: A Horse Riding of Success

A Masterful Convergence of Safety and Elegance

The horse riding tents, a cornerstone of the event, were not just structures but embodiments of meticulous craftsmanship. Each stitch and fold in the fabric was a testament to a harmonious marriage of safety and luxury. The design intricately wove together functionality with opulence, creating spaces that were safe havens of splendor. The efficiency of their swift installation was a feat in itself, contributing significantly to the seamless orchestration of the grand event.

Enduring Against the Desert's Whims

Engineered to stand resilient against the harsh, unforgiving desert climate, these tents were more than mere shelters; they were fortresses. Their waterproof and flame-retardant features were not just practical necessities but symbols of endurance and strength. Each tent, in its steadfastness, promised longevity and reliability, assuring that despite the challenging desert conditions, the event’s integrity would remain unshaken.

Harmonious Fusion of Desert Grace and Architectural Beauty

In the vast expanse of the Saudi Arabian desert, the horse riding tents rose not merely as structures but as eloquent expressions of design in harmony with nature. Each tent, a blend of elegance and practicality, stood as a tribute to the art of integrating man-made marvels into the natural landscape. The design went beyond aesthetics; it was a dialogue with the desert itself, respecting its timeless beauty and augmenting its natural allure.

Diverse Environments Within Canvas Walls

Inside these majestic tents, a world of varied experiences awaited the guests. The grandstands offered a majestic view of the equestrian display, while the heart of the celebration was encased in a transparent horse riding tent, alive with dynamic activities. Every corner of these tents was meticulously planned to provide unique and engaging experiences, ensuring that each attendee’s journey through the event was rich with discovery and delight.

Horse riding tent


Amidst the dunes and whispers of ancient stories, Shelter’s Horse Riding Tents stood as more than mere constructs; they were the embodiment of a seamless union between tradition and modernity. As the horses moved gracefully beneath these canopies, every moment captured was a brushstroke on the canvas of Saudi Arabian heritage. The event transcended a mere equestrian display; it was a celebration of enduring traditions meeting the innovations of the present, creating a legacy that would resonate through the corridors of time, a testament to the enduring essence and spirit of Saudi Arabia.

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