Project Details:

Built Year:2022
Built Duration:4 days
Sector:Mining Warehouse & Storage
Tent Size:15x20x4 m

Table of Contents

Project background

A customer from Mayotte Island needed the service from us, seeking a solution for a hangar to store his light aircraft. Given the unique challenges of Mayotte Island, surrounded by the sea and prone to strong winds, a storage tent solution was essential.

The light aircraft had an overall length of 15 meters, a tail height of 3 meters, and a wingspan of 10 meters. While considering the hangar’s cost-effectiveness, the robustness for this small aircraft was paramount. As such, we moved away from our TFS series and proposed our A-frame canopy structure integrated with a stacking door.

This storage tent solution ensured cost-effectiveness, better wind resistance, and smooth accessibility, vital for the aircraft’s stability and safety.

Challenge & Solution

Designing this storage tent hangar presented several challenges. To ensure the structure could withstand wind loads up to 120km/h while remaining cost-effective, we used PVC roof panels and side wall panels and widened our aluminum profiles. This approach reinforced the storage tent structure materially. We also added wind bracing to the side wall columns for added stability.

The erection ground was a grass field, so our technical team advised building the storage tent on a level concrete floor to strengthen the anchor points. After discussions with the customer, they agreed to lay a concrete foundation. To enhance accessibility and protect the light aircraft, we included a 14×3.5m stacking door.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized, 15*20*4m size
  • 850gsm white PVC tarpaulin roof, UV resistant & fire retardant
  • PVC panel side wall
  • Side wall with wind bracing

Outcome of Storage Tent

Better Stability

If for strong wind loads, the TFS structure does not perform as well as the A-frame design. In order to enhance structural stability, the first consideration is to widen or thicken from the profiles. However, this approach also needs to be carried out in the appropriate proportions to be fit for the overall structure. Additionally, the use of wind bracing on the side walls can further reinforce the overall structure. In another cases, adding roof cables at the roof can effectively reinforce the stability as well.

Rapid Deployment and Portable

Due to the relatively non-complex design of this hangar, combined with the use of aluminum alloy profiles and soft roof and side wall materials, it allowed for easy assembly and relocation. Simultaneously, this feature also increased the overall cost-effectiveness of the solution.


In a nutshell, our Mayotte Island project showcases our ability to deliver rapid, cost-effective, and robust solutions tailored to unique geographical and structural challenges. We successfully balanced wind resistance and cost-effectiveness by opting for an A-frame canopy structure with specialized features like wind bracing and a stacking door. This project reaffirms our expertise in providing versatile, durable, and economically viable tent structures, even in demanding conditions.

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